Shure Wireless Workbench 6 - Product Overview [EN version]


Wireless Workbench 6 from Shure is designed to manage every facet of wireless system performance, from pre-show planning to live channel monitoring.
In the inventory tab, networked Shure components are automatically discovered by Wireless Workbench 6.
Additional components can be selected from Shure and other manufacturers.
The Frequency Coordination tab provides tools for analyzing frequency compatibility and for calculating frequency solutions.
Wireless Workbench 6 uses networked Shure receivers to gather scan data from the RF spectrum.
Calculated frequency solutions can be deployed directly to Shure networked components.
In the Monitor tab, channel strips display RF and Audio meters, and allow for real-time control of gain and mute.
Take control of your wireless systems with Wireless Workbench 6.