Shure SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software Overview


SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software by Shure makes it simple to manage large-scale or mission critical deployments of Shure audio hardware from one central platform in corporate and higher education settings.

SystemOn eliminates the need to physically check equipment room by room before meetings. You can instantly view the status of the Shure hardware in every room in your facility from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With SystemOn, you can confirm that microphones are in their chargers and view their charge level – without visiting the room.

With SystemOn, you can be confident that the audio equipment across your network will always be ready to perform. SystemOn helps you to detect problems before they become critical, and provides you the ability to monitor and control Shure hardware devices from one central location.

To find out more about SystemOn and how to obtain licenses, please contact your Shure systems integrator or visit Shure online.