Shure TwinPlex Product Overview


In dialogue or monologue. Song or speech. A single word can affect the whole story. Through sweat, noise, and wear and tear, your little lavalier has an enormous job to do. Shure TwinPlex stands up to the toughest conditions to make every word a clear statement of quality. Natural, flat high frequencies and robust low-frequencies. TwinPlex innovative dual-diaphragm captures the complete weight of your voice. And the patent-pending capsule design maximizes effective surface area in an easy-to-conceal package. So sound suits performer, not the other way around.

Fully paintable, TwinPlex is immune to kinks and cable memory effect. Dual redundant grounds are designed with spiraling tinsels that maintain contact with the copper stranded shield throughout the cable, delivering unprecedented flex and strength.

TwinPlex frequency caps feature an invisible, superhydrophobic nano-coating that repels sweat and moisture, preventing corrosion and theater “sweat outs.” So your lavalier rises to the challenge, night after night.

TwinPlex dual-diaphragm lavalier microphones integrate seamlessly into any pro audio system offering a comprehensive array of connector, color, sensitivity, cable, and mounting accessory options.

Meeting a multitude of conditions. Backstage or onstage. Show or speech. TwinPlex premium sound quality and solid durability serve every performance. At every stage.