Is this 2-year warranty standardization applicable to all Shure earphones?

No. This 2-year warranty standardization is applicable to current active models only. Discontinued models such as SE102 and SE115 are excluded. Please check entitled models list in appendix for details.

I brought a pair of SE earphones but the packaging box shows “1 year warranty”. Am I entitled to the 2-year warranty?

Yes, as long as the purchase fulfills all of the following requirements, it will be entitled to the 2-year limited warranty:

  • Products of the entitled models
  • Valid proof of purchase from a Shure Authorized Dealer or Premium Authorized Dealer showing that the date of purchase is on or after May 1, 2017.

What is the warranty period if I purchased my earphones before the 1 year date-back period (i.e. On or before Apr 30, 2017)?

If customer did not register in "6-month warranty extension for SE Sound Isolating™ Earphones" program, the warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase.

If customer successfully registered in "6-month warranty extension for SE Sound Isolating™ Earphones" program, the warranty period is 1 year plus 6 months, meaning total 18 months from the date of purchase.

Please note that the additional 6-month warranty extension is offered by Shure Asia Limited and is only valid in the country of purchase in selected Asian countries, i.e. China, Hong Kong and Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

Is the 2-year warranty standardization applicable to other Shure listening products such as headphones and Earphone accessory cables?

Our SRH headphones and Earphone accessory cables are already in 2-year limited warranty.

Am I entitled to the 2-year warranty service if I only have the defective unit and receipt but without confirmation email for warranty extension?

You are only required to provide proof of purchase and the defective unit to enjoy 2-year warranty service. Confirmation email for warranty extension is not required for the 2-year warranty service.

There is a “6-month warranty extension program sticker” on the earphones packaging. Does that mean I can obtain 2.5 years warranty?

No. The maximum period of warranty is 2 years no matter you have previously registered in the 6-month warranty extension program or not.

I bought my Shure earphones from an online store with a credit card. I do not have a receipt as it is bundled with my credit card statement. Is it essential for me to ask for a receipt separately?

Regardless of whether you have purchased from a physical store or online, you will need to have a receipt as your proof of purchase.

How can I find the local Authorized Service Center?

Please check with your local distributor for the contact information.