DCS 6000 Firmware Release Notes

For CU 5905, CU 6105, CU 6110 or DIS CCU

Version 8.3.1

Release Date: 6/14/2018


  • This firmware release can be used to upgrade units in a DDS 5900 or a DCS 6000 systems using CU 5905, CU 6105, CU 6110 or DIS CCU Central Units.
  • CU 6000, CU 6005, CU 6010 and CU 6011 Central Units are not supported in this release.
  • DIS FUU Firmware Upgrade Utility is required to upgrade devices.


  • DCS 6000 (DIS CCU) and CU61XX: Support for Microflex Complete MXC615, MXC620, MXC620-F, MXC630, and MXC630-F


  • Bug fixes for DC 6990 P
  • Delegate devices incorrectly handles Mic On in Manual + Reply Mode
  • Speech time is not reset after microphone is turned off
  • Devices may not display delegate name on Welcome screen
  • Exclusive requests behave incorrectly between two devices set as Chairman


Version 8.2.2

Release Date: 11/23/2017


  • This firmware release can be used to upgrade units in a DDS 5900 or a DCS 6000 systems using CU 5905, CU 6105, CU 6110 or DIS CCU Central Units.
  • The CU 6000, CU 6005, CU 6010 and CU 6011 Central Units are not supported in this release.
  • The DIS FUU Firmware Upgrade Utility, which is part of this firmware release, must be used when upgrading


  • CU/CUU: Added multi-language support for WEB-UI and Name Sign.
  • CU 5905/CCU(5900 mode) - Support for TPCI mic_attenuation command


  • CU/CCU - Ensures channel selectors get language abbreviation on/off setting repeatedly.
  • SW6000, CU – Fixed the clearing request list so that the individual request Off comes before Clear Request List
  • CU/CCU - Fixed CU response with Mic on, when sending microphone on message to an Interpreter that is not connected to the CU
  • CU/CCU - CU is no longer resetting if interpreter settings are reset while the interpreter microphone is active
  • CU/CCU - WEB-UI "View Open Source Licenses" now shows open source licenses instead of a "404 Not Found" html page
  • CS6340F - After CU starts up, channel OLED on CS6340F now correctly shows channel language abbreviation instead of channel number
  • IS6132 – There is no longer an audible difference in sound level on CU audio output, when comparing floor sound and interpreted audio
  • SW6000, Interpreter, CU61xx, - Interpreter status is now correctly marked as "Lost" if unregistered rather than "Not Lost" and leading to wrong status in SW6000
  • DC59xx – Fixed the "All delegate off" LED so that it is not ON when the button is pressed on DC59xx chairman units
  • CU/CCU – In operation mode FIFO, the request list is now restored to speak list when selecting "All del off" on the WEB-UI


Version 8.2.1

Release Date: 10/17/2017


Firmware 8.2.1 contains a major bug in the audio levels at the analog outputs on the CCU. This firmware release has therefore been recalled and users are advised to downgrade to release 8.2.0.

Version 8.2

Releae Date: 3/31/2017


  • This firmware release can be used to upgrade units in a DDS 5900 or a DCS 6000 systems using CU 5905, CU 6105, CU 6110 or DIS CCU Central Units.
  • The CU 6000, CU 6005, CU 6010 and CU 6011 Central Units are not supported in this release.
  • The DIS FUU Firmware Upgrade Utility, which is part of this firmware release, must be used when upgrading


  • Support of Shure Name Sign
  • Support for individual microphone attenuation control in 5900 mode on the CU/CCU GUI

Version 8.0.6

Release Date: 11/17/2016


  • CU5905, CU61xx, CCU - Fixed an implementation that caused the CU to postpone storing of setup parameters due to high loads in VOX mode. The CU will now always store parameters after around 30 seconds even though under high load
  • CU5905, CU61xx, CCU - The CU hostname in the WEB page footer will now update immediately upon a change
  • CU5905, CU61xx, CCU - Fixed a bug that caused setting Audio In -> Loudspeaker from the CU front panel not being reflected the CU web interface
  • CU5905, CU61xx, CCU - The CU does now not accept an illegal subnet address
  • CU5905, CU61xx, CCU - The CU now accepts an empty gateway address
  • DC6990 - Fixed a bug that could cause a long delay in updating names in the speak list on the DC6990 display if a name was changed during a conference e.g. when using a podium microphone

Version 8.0.5

Release Date: 10/18/2016


  • DC6990P - Support for colours on voting buttons
  • 6000, 5900 - Support for "Speak Button Lock". Settings available from CU5905/CU6110/CCU web interface. The ‘Lock Override Time (Long Push Time)’ and the ‘Lock Duration’ is settable from the web interface.
  • 6000, 5900 - Support for "Allow Mic Off". Settings available from CU5905/CU6110/CCU web interface
  • DC6990, DC6190, DM6680, DC59xx - Support for "Long Push" to overrule Speak Button Lock


  • CU5905/CU6110/CCU – Audio In Volume, Level & Muted settings were not stored correctly in CU configuration. Making changes to Audio In 1 caused changes to be used for Audio In 2 after next reboot and vice versa
  • CU61xx, CCU - Electrical clicking noise removed from interpreter microphone LED when microphone is activated
  • CU5905/CU6110/CCU – Setting Audio In2 -> Loudspeaker from front plate does not work
  • CU61xx, CCU - Setting an Interpreter Unit to same A and B outgoing channel will cause audio to become lost if interpreter switch outgoing channel between A and B with Interpreter Unit engaged
  • PCB6000 (Flush mounted units) - Vote LED indication not correctly updated on chip card login during voting session if user has voted previously in the same session
  • DC6990P – Speech time not stopped on delegates during Exclusive On
  • DC6990P – Seat names not updated correctly on unit type change


  • An issue in FUU was fixed where units with old firmware were cleared on a CU6010 when they became locked - hereby preventing an upgrade. (CONFFW-558)
  • Timestamps added to Upgrade Log.
  • FUU will now by default look for a FUU library in a the released folder structure.

Version 8.0.4

Release Date: 4/5/2016


  • AIBox_59F –Audio Input Box based on DC59xxF Hardware released for custom project – can only be used in 6000 systems mode.
  • CU61xx, CCU - Support for customised Audio Input Box unit


  • CU5905, CCU - Fixed bug where it is not possible to turn off unit type change in the web interface.
  • CU61xx, CCU - CU should not clear units that are locked and become lost. Can cause units not to be upgraded
  • CU61xx, CCU - Audio missing when one Mic in a link interrupts the other
  • CU61xx, CCU - Units sharing a microphone fail turning on in CAA microphone scan

Version 8.0.3

Release Date: 6/24/2016 (revised 3/15/2016)

This firmware release can be used to upgrade units in a DDS 5900 or a DCS 6000 system. To upload the firmware the DIS FUU Firmware Upgrade Utility must be used, which is part of this firmware release.


  • DC6990P - Better indication in UI when message is received
  • DC6990P - Audio controls can be accessed on welcome screen when user is not logged in during a conference


  • CU 61XX- Missing seat state on external control interface on user logout
  • CU 5905/CU 61XX - Improved sorting in web interface
  • CU 5905/CU 61XX - Several WEB UI enhancements
  • CU 61XX - Fixed that DC6990P units cannot vote if a conference is restarted shortly after stopping it when using chip card login
  • DC59xx - Improved audio handling during network errors

Version 8.0.1

Release Date: 2/1/2016

This firmware release can be used to upgrade units in a DDS 5900 or a DCS 6000 system. To upload the firmware the DIS FUU Firmware Upgrade Utility, which is part of this firmware release, must be used.

Important: Firmware Release 8.0.1 does not contain any update to CU 6005/CU 6010 or CU 6011. If the default free features has to be applied to those units a new feature license must be uploaded to the unit.


  • Support for disabling/enabling of scrambling in CU 61XX through FUU
  • General Updates in the CU 5905/CU 61XX WEB interface
  • Support for DIS-CCU
  • Support for three login modes in the CU 5905/CU 61XX WEB interface (Admin, Chairman and Display options)
  • Support for new feature license with 6000 options:
  • Voting and VOX is now default features.
  • Interpreter channels can now be 4, 8, 16 or 31
  • Number of supported units can now be below 250 or above 250 (3800 is the maximum limit)
  • Support for display dimming when CU 5905/CU 61XX is idle
  • Support for sending group messages from SW 6000 (not available for CU 6005/CU 6010 or CU 6011)


  • CU 5905/CU 61XX - VOX sensitivity parameters below -5 and above 5 are now accepted
  • CU 61XX - Missing and garbage information on external control interface when CUI is connected
  • CU 61XX - Bug in agenda item order when changing short descriptions from SW 6000
  • CU 61XX - Fix for missing short description on first agenda point on DC 6990P
  • CU 61XX - Poll denied from units when SW6000 is connected/disconnected
  • CU 61XX - Fix of CU reset failure where CU keeps resetting
  • DC 6990P - Availability of "Start voting" and "Attendance check" not consistent on DC 6990P
  • DC 61XX, CS 6340 - Fix of language abbreviations

Version 7.5.10

Release Date: 10/2/2015


DC6120P - fixed bug causing missing audio on DC6120 units

Version 7.5.9

Release Date: 10/2/2015


  • Implemented latching facility of the Mute button on DC6190, DM6680 and DC6990 in VOX operation mode:
  • In VOX mode (the mute button work in latching mode):
    • When activating the Mute button the audio from the unit is muted, which is indicated by turning of the LED indication in the gooseneck microphone. The audio will be muted until the button is activated again.
    • Activating the mute button, when the unit is in off state will prevent the microphone from being turned on remotely or activated by voice as long as the mute button is activated.
  • In other modes (the mute button work in non-latching mode):
    • The audio from the unit is muted as long as the Mute button is depressed, which is indicated by turning of the LED indication in the gooseneck microphone. Releasing the button will restore the audio from the unit.


  • DC6990P - fixed bug where pressing mute on a delegate unit caused loss of audio transmission (On CU60xx with DC 6990 only)
  • DC6990P - fixed bug where agenda item prefix was not shown in the agenda overview
  • DC6990P - fixed bug that could cause a unit reset when reading long messages during a conference
  • DC6990P - fixed bug in support for right alligned text in agenda view
  • DC6190P - fixed bug causing increased audio transmission delay in VOX operation mode
  • Firmware initiatives to improve audio robustness against EMC effects


New FUU version 1391 released together with this firmware version. This version has better socket handling and upgrade stability

Version 7.5.8

Release Date: 12/17/2014


  • (DC6990P) Units experience overflows during voting tests
  • (DM6680P) Unwanted electrical clicking noise from units when pressing speak button
  • (CU61xx) DC6990P dual units has been experienced "locked" or "registering" after CU reboot and registration
  • (CU61xx) Update to polish labels in the web interface
  • (CU6110) Update to allow the password for the CU WEB interface to be cleared
  • (CU61xx) Update to allow a unit to stay in the reply list after microphone priority is set to zero from external control


FUU update to be able to handle updates to CU's where the WEB interface is password protected

Version 7.5.7

Release Date: 10/24/2014


(IS 6132) Prevent unit from beeing unusable when doing a full upgrade

Version 7.5.6

Release Date: 9/19/2014


  • DC6990P support for Dot origon chip cards is enabled
  • Russian labels updated in WEB interface
  • More informative text added after WEB interface upgrade is completed with success.
  • FUU updated to display information before and after sd*card repartitioning
  • FUU updated to powercycle units if they don't enter their bootloader correctly during upgrade


  • (CU61xx) Static IP address may change after an amount of time
  • (CU61xx) Missing audio in speakers and headphones whan ambient microphone is connected
  • (DC6990P) Languages are not reset to standalone settings when CUI is disconnected
  • (CU61xx) Disabling DC6990P languages not saved in CU database
  • (DC6990P) AUTO OFF functionality does not work for speaker B on dual units
  • (CU61xx) AO BOX parameters is not stored correctly CU database
  • (DC6990P) Unit can become unable to mute loudspeaker when loudspeaker gain is set to 0dB / OFF
  • (CU61xx) Second interface for dual delegate not read correctly from CU configuration
  • (DC6190P) Interpreted headphone output is attenuated when speak is activated before channel selection is made
  • (DM6680, DC6190P) Unit microphone can be switched OFF when "mute all" is pressed repeatedly from chairman
  • (DC6990P, DC6190P) Headphone output diasbled below volume 6 when listening to floor and in speak
  • (DC6990P) Mute button does not disable Larsen attenuation when in speak and listening to floor
  • (DC6990P, DM6680) Microphone enters a muted state if mute is pressed while in speak and speak button is pressed again

Version 7.5.5

Release Date: 6/24/2014


  • This release is only available as FUU upgrade. No CU web interface update
  • CU 61xx: Resets when external command are sent with unused seat numbers
  • CU 61xx: Fixed a bug causing dual microphones not to be shown properly in status and speak list
  • DC 6990 P: Enable DC69xxP units to display Georgian letters
  • DC 6990 P: Fixed a bug that caused a reset in DC69xxP units when 8 microphones were shown in the speak list

Version 7.5.3

Release Date: 4/29/2014


  • The SD card may get corrupted if the unit is power cycled or power is removed while central unit is accessing the SD card during the boot up sequence.If the card is corrupted the Central Unit (CU 6105 and CU 6110) will not boot up when powered on
  • Update to allow the CU to get an IP address if it's connected directly to a pc without dhcp.
  • Auto Floor function now affects all outputs i.e. Analog Outputs,...

Version 7.5.0

Release Date: 1/10/ 2014


  • Reply functionality implemented in firmware for CU6110 and CU6105.
  • Reply functionality implemented in firmware for DC6990P, DC61xxP and DM6680P.
  • Basic reply functionality implemented in web interface.
  • Introduced facility to downgrade the CU firmware.
  • Added "mic_all_off" command to external protocol.
  • Introduced control message for "AllRequestsOff".
  • FUU update to handle unit left button configuration.


  • Fixed that loudspeaker control in the web interface affects external IS loudspeaker.
  • Fixed that units cannot interrupt podium microphone
  • Fixed CU reset or high loads after changing the order of agenda items.
  • Fixed PCB6000 initial volume to be non-zero at start up.
  • FIxed that FUU deletes wrong languages from DC69-units.
  • Fixed that FUU opens wrong language file if the working folder also contains language file

Version 7.4.5

Release Date: 12/3/2013

This is a maintenance firmware release. This release has updates for CU 6105, CU 6110


Introduced new command to empty the request queue

Version 7.4.4

Release Date: 10/4/2013

This is a maintenance firmware release. This release has updates for CU 6105, CU 6110, DC6990x rev A, B and C.

The following changes/bug fixes are contained in this release:

  • Use priority to display ‘Chairman’ in web interface microphone control. Previously unit type was used for this purpose.
  • Make it possible for CU to recover from a fatally corrupted configuration database.
  • VOX is default enabled for CU 61xx when no license is installed. Must be default disabled.
  • VOX functionality must be disabled in web interface and display, when no valid VOX license is installed.
  • Unregistered microphones can be put into request list by operator.
  • A muted microphone remains in speak list if the microphone is lost (disconnected).
  • Fewer microphones than max speakers can be turned on.
  • DC69xx does sometimes not registering on CU61xx Power On
  • Changing seat numbers for microphones using the browser interface can make it impossible to change settings for these microphones –(priority/microphone attenuation/speaker attenuation).
  • Changing microphone positions in the request list by an operator while the system is operating in FIFO mode can cause several units to erroneously report that they are the first in the request list. (Flashing REQ LED).

Version 7.4.3

Release Date: 8/27/2013

This version changes the support for cyrillic font in DC 6990 P. Previous the font ”liberation sans” was used for cyrillic, but as some letters are missing for supporting the language in Tajikistan, the font has been changed to ”freesans”.

Version 7.4.1

Release Date: 7/3/2013

Corrects and issue with scrolling in Speak and Request list in the Microphone Control web page

Version 7.4

Release Date: 7/1/ 2013


  • Showing of Speech Time limitation on DC 6990 P/F units with CU 6105/CU 6110 and SW 6000
  • CU TCP/IP external protocol support voting control

Version 7.3

Release Date: 4/15/2013


  • 'Enable/Disable' buttom for 'DIS Digital Recorder' in CU 'Microphone Control' browser screen
  • CU browser interface revised for easy configuration of system with large number of conference units
  • All DCS 6000 voting units supports now 1 to 5 button voting when used with CU 6105 or CU 6110

CU TCP/IP external protocol support for:

  • showing of delegate name in 'mic_on' and 'mic_request_on' messages
  • showing of seat state, which gives login name of a delegate who logs into the seat
  • setting speak priority, individual speaker attenuation and individual microphone attenuation
  • setting interrupt ability to CU 61xx. Options , ,
  • setting 'Line In 1 / 2' gain and for adjusting 'Line In 2' level
  • extensions for 'mic_status' to contain 'individual priority' and 'seat_state' with names of delegates logged into the seats
  • extensions for 'audio_status' to contain 'individual microphone attenuation' and 'individual speaker attenuation'
  • connection to 'DIS Digital Recorder'

Version 7.2.2

Release Date: 1/16/2013

Corrects an error where the FW on DC 6120 P didn't upgrade/install correct

Version 7.2.1

Release Date: 1/3/2013

Corrects an error where the CU 6105 resets when no connection to LAN network is present

Version 7.2.0

Release Date: 12/21/2012

  • Support for 1-5 voting buttons on DC 6990 P
  • Support for connection to all DCS LAN outputs on a CU 6110 for all units

Version 7.1.2

Release Date: 11/30/2012

Corrects a bug when changing seat numbers for units using the CU browser

Version 7.1.1

Release Date: 11/24/2012

Corrects a bug in the EEM (Emergency Evacuation Message) setup

Version 7.1.0

Release Date: 11/22/2012

  • Support for CU 6105 Central Unit - TCP/IP connection
  • Browser language selection in CU 6105 browser
  • Updated limiter settings on DC 6120 P, DC 6190 P, DC 6990 P & DM 6680 P

Version 6.8.9

Release Date: 5/9/2012

Interpretation abbreviation has been updated

Version 6.8.8

Release Date: 3/5/2012

In Central Unit correcting an error when assigning speaker stand microphone.

Version 6.8.7

Release Date: 1/10/2012

  • Changes Mic on/off button functionality on DC 6120 P and DC 6190 P.
  • Correct an DSP error in CU display. Error is only present in large systems.

Version 6.8.4

Release Date: 11/5/2011

This release introduces expansion of the features in the Voice activation mode in the DCS 6000 system

This release is compatible with SW 6000 v5.5.56 and is not compatible with previous versions

The ability to Enable / Disable the “Book Drop” feature:

The “Book Drop” feature is the activation of a mic when a sound is picked up that is above the set threshold in VOX, but immediately releases because the audio source doesn’t continue for longer than 1 sec.

When the feature is “disabled”, the microphone activates when a sound is picked up and remain active for the time set within the “Release time” menu item.

Increase the “Threshold” range of activation:

Values: {-12, -11 to -3, -2, -1, 0,1,2,3 to 8}.

The ability to Enable / Disable “Last Mic On” feature:

This feature is a desired feature when using 3rd party DSPs.

When the feature is “Enabled”, operating in VOX mode, the last (& only) microphone will ignore the “Release time” and remain permanently active until another mic becomes active. At which time, the last mic will automatically deactivate.

Version 6.8.3a

Release Date: 5/4/2011

This release includes FUU The FUU version corrects an error in the FUU when setting the COM port.

Version 6.8.1

Release Date: 3/14/2011

  • This release introduces the following new features:
    • DC6990P:
    • Support for languages:
    • Baharsa Indonesia
    • Vietnamese
    • Burmese
    • Urdu
    • Hindi
    • Farsi
    • Latin
    • Cambodian
    • Hebrew
  • FUU Firmware Upgrade Utility v2.10.0.1

This release addresses the following bugs:

  • The new version of the FUU corrects an error during upgrade, where the baud rate in the CU is set to 38.400.
  • DC6990P. Voting screen may disappear preventing delegates from voting. Various scenarios exist - e.g. a voting session is started while a delegate has entered the Audio dialogue of the DC69 - e.g. the delegate hits a menu button a fraction of a second after the start of voting session.
  • DC6990P. The text 'Voting started on subject' is always presented in English text - no translation is possible.
  • Also the text 'Voting Results on Subject' hasn't been enabled for translation.
  • DC6990P. DC69 remains in speak when priority is set to zero - it is subsequently not possible to switch off the microphone from the unit.
  • DC6990P. Aborting a unit firmware upgrade in the middle of the upgrade will cause the unit to incorrectly report that firmware is valid -
  • condition exists until next reboot of the unit.
  • DC6990P. If the application is erased, but not re-written, and the unit is reset into upgrade-mode, the unit will keep resetting.

Version 6.8

Release Date: 11/22/2010


Updates the firmware in DC 6190P for correcting a timing error in the display driver.

Version 6.7.2

Release Date: 9/29/2010


In a conference with chip card login, removal of chip card on one unit can cause another DC69 unit to turn off the microphone.

Version 6.7

Release Date: 5/1/2010

This release is compatible with SW 6000 v5.3.16

Version 6.6.2

Release Date: 1/27/2010

The release includes a single change - Korean font size on DC69-units is decreased to fix a bug where Korean characters were truncated.

Version 6.6

  • Support for user creation of labels for DC 6990P.
  • Support for upload of user bitmap to the DC 6990P

Version 6.5

  • Support for dynamic text with complex language codes (like Chinese, Thai, Russian, Arabic etc.) from the SW6000 and onto the DC6990P
  • Support for showing of expanded voting weight used together with the DC 6990P

Version 6.3

  • Support for languages on statical DC69 labels. Labels are introduced in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.
  • The DC69 units provide a setup menu for defining selectable languages - languages that the delegates must choose among during login. If only a single language is selectable, the delegates will not have to make a language selection at login.
  • The CU supports storing of selectable languages into the CU configuration. The system is therefore able to preserve language settings after reset.
  • Restriction: this firmware release does not yet provide support for costumization of languages and does not provide multiple language support for Delegate names, Agenda etc. when connected to SW 6000..
  • Fix: This release adds improved connection in large systems - particularly. Not all units are registered in large systems (more than 250 units).
  • This firmware version is compatible with software version 5.0.17 or higher. The FUU should be used when upgrading.

Version 6.2.5

This release introduces the following features:

  • Support for Dual Delegate
  • Support for chip cards in Dual Delegate *Support for proxy voting
  • Support for removal of Speaker and Request list with SW6000
  • New design of Start-up, Voting and Result screens

Version 6.1.5

This release has stability enhancements for DC6990 units.

Version 6.1.4

This hotfix address a problem identified on the DC6990P units causing the units not to retransmit votes cast under load conditions where the initial voting control message is lost. Also chip card messages are not retransmitted in case they are lost - e.g. due to collisions. The fix is a high priority fix for installations with DC6990P units where voting functionality is in use. Note that additional security on voting has been added - visual feedback on a voting unit (display on DC6990 - Led's on other) will not be updated with information before a verification has been performed by CU.

Version 6.1.3

This release addresses some minor bugs in communication between CU 60xx Central Units and DC 6990P

Version 6.1.2

This release fixes a problem identified in installations with a large number of Interpreter Sets and used with SW 6000. The problem might cause the CU to perform a reset and subsequently loosing registration for all units during the CUI initialisation sequence

Version 6.1.1

A problem encountered that caused occasionally reset of some DC6990P units when voting sessions were performed has been identified and solved

Version 6.1.0

Error correction for DC 6990P

Version 6.0.3

  • Support for AO 6004: auto setup of output channels and volume settings
  • Sporadic click sound removed
  • Sound drop in Interpreter Channels chain 2 removed
  • Support for increased DSP speed
  • FUU info for CU 6011
  • Hotfix for error in channel selectors in Conference Units (the error was introduced in 6.0.0 and 6.0.1)
  • Hotfix for error in scrambled sound (the error was introduced in 6.0.0 and 6.0.1)

Version 6.0.1

Support for IS 6332P Interpreter set

Version 6.0.0

Support for DC 6990P Conference Unit

Version 5.3.8

Occasional registration problem of units in large systems (>200 units) fixed

Version 5.3.7

This library include fixes for delegate microphones - most notably the click on microphone on is removed. Also these firmware versions include support for Conference Units with 5 button/Proxy voting as well as support for revised chip card drivers needed for external validation.

Version 5.3.4

Adds bug fixes reported in release 5.3.3. Most important a chip card authentication bug has been removed

Version 5.3.3

  • Adds support for CU6005 and IS6132 enhancements for visually impaired interpreters.
  • A bug fix on Voice active along with improvements is also added.

Version 5.3.2

  • Adds bug fixes to units with chip card DM62/DM65/DV65 and CM.
  • Communication error with PC is corrected in CU PPC .

Version 5.3.1

Bug fix for AO box, and units with voting capabilities.

Version 5.3


  • VOX
  • Auto Off
  • 5 buttons Voting
  • Feature licensing
  • Interpreter Interlock setup
  • Interpreter Booth Number implementation
  • Setup of max. open microphones
  • Dual microphone units
  • Adds support for : DM6060P, DV6501F, MU6042 (DM) and DM6072F
  • System control of channel language in ch. sel. LCD.
  • Setting of Feature Id

Version 5.1.8

Bug fixes for chip cards

Version 5.1.7

  • Add’s fixes for startup problems in AO 6008 where the audio is missing on the audio output.
  • Add’s fixes for startup problems in CS 6032F where the audio is missing on the audio
  • output.

Version 5.1.4

Added support for “Auto floor – ON/OFF” selection in CU

Version 5.1.3

Fault in the IS 6032/IS6132 Loudspeaker connection corrected: Only noise present

Version 5.1

  • Support for DM microphone attenuate floor on headphone (Anti-Larsen)
  • Voice active microphone support
  • Support for microphone sharing.
  • Ambient noise microphone support
  • Chip card support
  • Voting support
  • Support for external “all microphones off” command
  • External control support for resetting CU to boot loader