Wireless system provides elegant solutions for enabling vivid sound in AV conferencing from custom boardrooms to networked enterprises. Features include MXW Control Software, AES-256 encryption for security, and Dante digital audio networking.

Main Features

  • Available Transmitter Form factors: Handheld, Gooseneck, Bodypack, Boundary
  • Operating range (up to): 50 m (Under typical conditions)

Premium Conferencing Audio for Elite Boardrooms

  • Vivid, lifelike sound: Performance-tested Microflex microphone elements flawlessly capture full range audio for clear, detailed communication
  • Versatile microphone selection: Wireless boundary, gooseneck, bodypack, and handheld models are available to fit any conferencing application
  • Discreet designs: With elegant aesthetics and a low-profile footprint, Microflex Wireless systems are designed to install easily and disappear into AV environments
  • Scalable solutions: 4 and 8 channel systems can be combined to support configurations of up to 80 compatible channels. In High Density mode (requires firmware version 5.x), up to 160 compatible channels can be used. Adjustable power limits enable additional channels to operate in separate rooms.

Networked Digital Wireless for Enterprise-Scale Environments

  • Dante™ digital audio networking: Integrated solution for transporting low latency, uncompressed audio over standard Ethernet networks 
  • AES67 digital audio networking: Connect seamlessly with QSC Q-SYS Core solutions
  • Ethernet connectivity: All Microflex Wireless networking components connect via Cat5e cable for simplified installation
  • Corporate network ready: Connect to corporate networks and third party control systems using standard networking protocols, for remote management and campus-wide implementation
  • Advanced management with SystemOn: Connect to all your Microflex Wireless installations across the network and receive automatic notifications via e-mail or text for low battery conditions and other events
  • Microflex Wireless Control Software: Browser-based control software that offers comprehensive remote monitoring and control of all settings and status parameters over the web, a corporate network or an AV local area network. Access the software via the Shure Web Device Discovery Application
  • Control system compatible: Third party control and automation systems (AMX®, Crestron®) are fully compatible with Microflex Wireless, enabling the creation of custom interfaces on touchscreen panels

Intelligent Performance, Simplified Setup & Operation

  • Advanced rechargeable power management: Smart lithium-ion rechargeable batteries deliver up to 9 hours of continuous use, enable remote status monitoring while in the charger and provide remaining runtime in hours and minutes while in use via networked control systems
  • Automated frequency coordination: Microflex Wireless systems actively scan the available spectrum and coordinate clean, compatible frequencies for every microphone channel. While in use, systems automatically move away from unexpected interference
  • Encrypted wireless: Audio transmission is protected by AES-256 encryption - the same secure standard used in top government applications
  • Selectable transmit power: Select the appropriate wireless output power per room to optimize spectrum usage, range, and battery life

A Trusted Shure Experience

  • Wireless expertise: Microflex Wireless embodies the robust performance and reliability of other globally renowned Shure wireless systems
  • Trusted audio: Microflex Wireless transmitters use the same signature microphone elements as industry-trusted Microflex wired microphones seen in conferencing applications worldwide
  • CommShield® Technology: All Microflex microphones feature this patented technology, which guards against unwanted radio interference from consumer wireless devices (read the CommShield white paper


Microflex™ Wireless microphone systems will only be available in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Taiwan.

Microflex Wireless Control Software

Microflex Wireless Control Software is a browser-based software application that offers comprehensive real-time remote monitoring and control of all Microflex Wireless devices. Monitor and adjust microphone levels, battery charge status, muting preferences, and more over the network in any web browser, without extra software to install.

Shure Web Device Discovery Application – The Shure Web Device Discovery application finds all Shure devices on the network that feature a web-based control software.


  • Web browser access: Connect through the Shure Discovery app or directly through IP address from any networked computer (Flash required)
  • Spectrum scanner: Scans for up to 24 hours and provides data on spectrum availability with channel count estimates
  • Battery charge status monitoring: Displays time to empty/full for while batteries are in the charging station
  • Battery runtime status monitoring: Displays remaining runtime in hours and minutes
  • Individual and global mic control: Power microphones on/off, mute channels, and enable standby mode
  • Default transmitter behavior: Program initial transmitter state when removed from charger, mute button behavior and LED defaults for each transmitter type
  • Audio channel settings: Adjust mic gain and low and high pass filters
  • RF and audio metering: View audio input and output levels and wireless connection strength
  • Global wireless settings: Set transmit output power levels and out of range alerts for transmitters
  • Configure device groups: Link networked components into groups to create systems for one or multiple rooms
  • Utility menu: View information such as IP address info, firmware version, and battery health for all networked devices
  • Tiered password access: Admin, tech, or guest access provides full, limited, or view only rights

Microflex Wireless Firmware Release Notes