Shure SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software tracks battery life, audio levels and RF/spectrum status in real time and enables IT administrators and AV technicians to monitor and control Shure hardware devices remotely. SystemOn detects problems before they become critical and responds quickly and efficiently.

Main Features

Main Features


  • New feature – A comprehensive inventory dashboard displaying all devices in one simplified homepage and provides an all-inclusive hardware status view.
  • Remotely control audio gain, muting and monitor RF spectrum status
  • Identifies and controls Shure devices across subnets
  • Provides real-time status of system and device


  • New feature - Remote Mic Linking and “Pair-A-Spare”
    Remote microphone transmitter linking for Shure Microflex™ Wireless enables you to automatically link a mic to an access point within a room from a remote location. New ‘Pair-a-spare’ capabilities for Shure Microflex™ Wireless allows you enables a back-up mic or a 2nd form factor to be paired to 1 MXWAPT channel. This helps you limit meeting interruptions and allows you to swap in new microphones quicker and easier than before.
  • Event log to track device usage that can be exported and sent to support
  • Remote Muting, device identification and single-view audio gain adjustment
  • Real-time room status from a central location like a help desk


  • Direct link between Shure hardware and software requires zero additional programming


  • Streamline login by selecting users from existing enterprise directories (LDAP)
  • Customize user access and permissions based on user role or location
  • Multiple language options can be applied to individual account settings


  • SystemOn is available through a subscription model. Each IP-addressable device requires one license.
  • The standard subscription covers a defined time period from one to five years, including any software updates and additions made during that time period, and can be extended with renewal licenses thereafter.
  • An Enterprise license covers an unlimited number of IP addressable devices for one year. This license can be renewed on an annual basis.
  • SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software should be installed on a server. The software subscription is registered to the server on which it is installed.




In the corporate environment, SystemOn increases productivity by reducing time lost to traditional AV issues that disrupt the flow of meetings and videoconferences. Whether in the huddle room or the boardroom, SystemOn guarantees that Shure wireless devices are fully charged and prepared for scheduled or last-minute meetings. With SystemOn, IT technicians and AV administrators have a seamless solution for managing corporate installations of any scale.


In higher education lecture halls and classrooms, audio quality and reliability are critical. SystemOn provides IT technicians and AV administrators the ability to monitor and control Shure hardware devices from one central location, maximizing efficiency and extending reach across college campuses. By setting up notifications and alerts, an administrator has the ability to remotely manage priority situations such as missing devices or deteriorating battery levels.


SystemOn allows you to monitor Shure devices without requiring constant attention and proactively alerts you via SMS and email when action is required. SystemOn combats daily microphone issues such as battery life and missing devices regardless of the size of your installation. It constantly monitors Shure audio systems on your behalf and provides real-time troubleshooting capability for battery life, audio levels and RF/spectrum status ensuring every microphone is ready to use.  SystemOn reduces the need for on-site troubleshooting to address basic problems and limit meeting interruptions allowing you to troubleshoot quicker and easier than before.

The SystemOn framework is designed to complement existing Shure wireless systems by providing management and control across enterprise-wide deployments. In a world where constant connectivity is necessary and seamless performance is expected, SystemOn provides the users with more control and eliminates potential issues ahead of time.

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Software Versions

Software Versions

SystemOn 3.0.1

Operating System(s):

Windows Server 2012 R2; Windows 10 (Professional, Enterprise), 64-bit; Windows 8.1 (Professional,Enterprise), 64-bit

Release Notes:


  • Compatibility with MXW version 5.1.26
  • The time before reporting missing devices has been increased to 3-4 minutes to reduce false notifications


  • Discovering MXW microphones may take more than 1 minute
  • ULX-D Users may receive duplicate SMS notifications
  • Metering quality for a single location with greater than 32 devices
  • UTC time and date are displayed on Event Log and Email/SMS notifications.
  • Navigating through an Event Log with hundreds of events may be slow or could cause the system to time out.
  • For non-English users setting up SMS notifications, the Senders Phone Number field doesn’t show the required (*), but the field is required.
  • If a valid license activation ID is applied and fails on the first attempt, retry a second time before calling support.


  • To operate SystemOn 3.0.1 with Shure networked systems, see the following list of supported firmware versions:
    • SCM820 1.3.3
    • ULX-D 1.7.34 - 2.1.16
    • MXW 4.0.6 - 5.1.26
  • Please report SystemOn performance issues on any browser to Shure Support.
  • For help and troubleshooting, go to the SystemOn User Guide or FAQs



Compatible Products

Compatible Products

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