Classroom & Lecture Hall

Intelligible Audio. Smart Learning.

Classrooms can be found in all kinds of facilities, from education sectors to corporate environments or humanitarian organizations, with their size ranging from small venues with a few people, to large lecture halls with hundreds of students. To ensure a high quality educational experience, this space depends greatly on acoustics. Speech intelligibility has a significant effect on students’ attention span and concentration, with clear sound reinforcement becoming increasingly important as the size of the room gets bigger.

Shure offers advanced solutions that are designed to facilitate the delivery of educational content with highest quality audio, while reducing time and effort required to manage the system. Comprehensive features further enable the integration into “smart” classrooms to allow use of new technological instructional techniques to enhance the students’ learning process.


Flexible Functions. Solid Performance.

Auditoriums are modern, theater-type venues designed to focus the attention of the audience on a single point - the stage. Other than lecture halls, these venues are usually for multi-purpose usage and thus require highly flexible sound systems to meet audio needs of all kinds of events. Sometimes accommodating up to several hundred people, high quality sound reinforcement is needed in auditoriums to ensure uninterrupted delivery of speeches, presentations, and other performances.
Shure Integrated Systems are designed to cater for the versatile needs of these, often large, multi-purpose venues, while delivering clearest sound to the audience. Advanced, professional features reduce the time and effort required to manage the systems, and easy integration into existing technology infrastructures simplify facility management for IT / AV staff supporting complex installations.

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