Statement from Shure Incorporated Regarding MXA910 Availability in Asia

Niles, IL, USA – March 8, 2019 - Shure has received reports of factually inaccurate information regarding availability of the MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone.

Shure is currently involved in patent litigation with ClearOne, Inc. in United States federal court. Shure strongly believes the allegations are without merit and remains confident that its MXA910 array microphone product, which is covered by Shure’s own patents, does not infringe ClearOne’s patents, and that an eventual trial in the litigation against ClearOne will result in a finding of non-infringement and invalidity of ClearOne’s patents. The dispute only involves United States patents and does not involve jurisdictions outside of the United States. Shure does not see any reason current or future projects involving MXA910 microphones should be impacted and does not foresee any interruption to MXA910 availability or delivery to customers in Asia.

Shure takes pride in independently developing unique, groundbreaking products, created by teams of world-class Shure engineers. Shure customers and end users can be assured that installations of its products will be fully supported with the best efforts of Shure engineering, sales, and service. This industry-leading multilateral service commitment is the basis of Shure’s brand promise, and the Company is committed to preserving it.