In view of the increasingly challenging RF environment, we are pleased to offer the Shure Wireless Rebate Program (Philippines) for you to upgrade your wireless systems for better audio quality, signal stability and spectrum efficiency.

The Shure Wireless Rebate Program (Philippines) allows you to trade in your existing wireless systems for a rebate with the purchase of any Shure Wireless Systems. This rebate offer is available for purchases made from now till November 30, 2019.

Program Mechanism

  1. 1Review the Terms and Conditions of the Rebate program.
  2. 2Complete the Rebate Form and receive a confirmation letter.
  3. 3Print the confirmation letter and bring your trade-in wireless systems to Audiophile Components Inc office to process the application.

Qualifying System Purchases

Rebates are paid per channel. To qualify for the full rebate amount, the number of returned channels must match with the number of purchased channels.

Systems come in a variety of configurations. Receivers may have multiple channels.

Receiver types include tabletop, camera mount, bodypack, and rack mount.

Transmitter types include handheld, bodypack, and plug-on.

Single Channel Receiver
One Transmitter
1 Channel
Quad Channel Receiver
82F41031-8C3C-45D0-9E41-EFA0C212C3C5Four Transmitters
4 Channels

Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 18928 Series of 2018.