Video: SE846 Sound Isolating™ Earphones


Four custom-engineered, balanced armature drivers tailored to blend precisely with each other.

Three way system configuration for dedicated low, mid and high frequency distribution

Quad Hi-Definition MicroDrivers with True Subwoofer

Ten precision-welded, stainless steel plates form 4 inches of high acoustic mass pathway, enabling low frequency roll-off to begin at about 75Hz without distortion or artifacts.

Provides previously unattainable deep low-end performance of a True Subwoofer without sacrificing clarity or detail.

Patented* Design for Unparalleled Low-End
*U.S. Patent #8983101 and 9100761

Adjust sound signature via changeable nozzle inserts and removable metal nozzle.

Customizable Frequency Response
Balanced, warm and bright options


Sensitivity 114 dB SPL/mW
Frequency Range 15 Hz-20 kHz
Cable Style Detachable cables with wireform fit
Cable Length 46" and 64"
Detachable cable Yes
Color Options Black / Blue / Bronze / Crystal Clear
Speaker Type Quad High-Definition MicroDrivers

*Additional specifications are available in the user guide.


  • Premium Square Carrying Case
  • Black Foam Sleeves ( S / M / L )
  • Soft Flex Sleeves ( S / M / L )
  • Yellow Foam Sleeves
  • Triple Flange Sleeves
  • 1/4 Inch Adapter
  • Airline Adapter
  • Volume Control
  • 116cm Detachable Cable
  • Nozzle Removal Key
  • 2 Additional Pairs Of Nozzle Inserts
  • Cable Clip
  • Polishing Cloth