Spectrum Change


With the introduction of 4G mobile network and Digital TV, the frequency spectrum in the air is changing. Some countries in the Asia Pacific region will have new allocation in place very soon. Are you ready for the change?


What and how will that affect you?

As the changes affect the amount of spectrum that is available for use, your current wireless microphones or personal monitoring devices may become illegal to use or no longer be authorized to operate in your region.

Every country has its own legal licensing bands and unlicensing bands for use. You may consult your local government bodies or registrar for detailed information. 

What do you need to do?

  • Check the transition dates for your regions
  • Do an audit of your current wireless microphone or in-ear monitoring systems. What frequency range do they operate on now? Are they capable of operating in the authorized frequency ranges for wireless audio devices among your region?

How Shure and our distributors can help?

Shure has all the products that will work under the new spectrum. To get more information and local support, please contact our distributors below: