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Microphones Comparison of Shure Microphone lines
(Lines: PG, SM, Beta, KSM)
english PDF 141 kB
  Comparison of Shure Headset- and Lavalier-microphones
(Products: PG30, WH20, WH30, WCM16, Beta 53, Beta 54, WCE6, PG185, WL93, WL183/ 184/ 185, WL50, WL51, WCB6)
english PDF 136 kB
Headphones and Earphones Overview: Shure Headphones and SE-Earphones (SRH240, SRH480, SRH840, SRH750DJ, SE115, SE115m/m+, SE425 and SE535) english PDF 866 kB
Wireless Microphones Comparison of Shure Wireless Microphone Systems
(Systems: Perfromance Gear Wireless, PGX, SLX, ULX, UHF-R)
english PDF 101 kB
 In-Ear Monitoring Comparison of Shure In-Ear Monitoring systems
(Systems: PSM200, PSM400, PSM700, Earphones: SCL2, SCL3, SCL4, SCL5)
english PDF 149 kB
Earphones Comparison of Shure Earphones
(Products: SCL2, SCL3, SCL4, SCL5, SE115, SE210, SE310, SE420, SE530(PTH))
english PDF 149 kB