GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless Systems

Part of a suite of GLX-D® Advanced products designed to deliver exceptional digital audio clarity, the rack mount receiver and frequency manager system features intelligent rechargeability and seamless operation for multi-system house of worship, education and live music applications.

System Configurations

Handheld Systems

Guitar Systems

Instrument System Systems

Lavalier Systems

Headset Systems

GLX-D® Advanced Digital Wireless offers rechargeability and rock-solid RF performance while increasing channel count via a suite of flexible products that provide the best sounding, most user-friendly 2.4 GHz multi-system wireless experience.

Ideal for installations at small to medium houses of worship, schools and music venues.

Exceptional Digital Audio Clarity
The clearest sound from world-renowned Shure microphones with proprietary Shure digital wireless technology.

Intelligent Rechargeability
Proprietary Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with accurate battery metering for up to 16 hours of use when fully charged.

Rock-Solid RF Performance for Multiple System Installations
GLX-D Frequency Managers provide improved RF performance, antenna distribution and seamless frequency management for up to 9 GLX-D Advanced rack mount systems in typical environments (11 under optimal conditions).

Automatic Frequency Management
Linked GLX-D Advanced wireless receiver communities easily identify and continuously move away from interference, finding the clearest channels for all systems.

Rack-Mountable for Multi-System Efficiency
Included mounting hardware and detachable antennas make it easy to install multiple GLXD4R rack mount receiver systems.

Full Accessory Suite for Remote Antenna Management
Frequency managers, directional antennas, antenna splitters and remote mounting accessories are available to maximize system performance in various environments.


GLXD4R Wireless Receiver

Rack mountable receiver with removable antennas for exceptional audio and rock-solid performance in multi-system installations for house of worship, education and live music applications.





Professional subminiature earset headworn microphone ideal for discreet placement in speech applications.


Instrument Options

UA846Z2 GLX-D Frequency Manager

Connect up to six GLXD4R Rack Mount Receivers per Frequency Manager for rock‐solid RF performance and increased channel count with the remote antenna flexibility required in multisystem applications.

UA802-RSMA Reverse SMA Cable

The UA802-RSMA is a 60cm reverse SMA coaxial cable for use with GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless remote mounting applications.

System technical specifications

  • Compatible systems per frequency band: 9 in typical setting, up to 11 maximum under ideal conditions
  • Auto Setup Features: LINKFREQ automatic frequency management
  • Audio Reference Companding: No
  • Included Antennas: detachable antennas
  • Antenna Options: Yes
  • PC Control: No
  • Receiver Network Ability: No
  • Rack Hardware: UA505-RSMA
  • Transmitter Display: LED
  • Receiver Display: Multi-function Backlit LCD + LEDs
  • Battery, Endurance: Up to 16 hours
  • Environment: Auditorium, Class Room, Lecture Hall, Stage & Event, Theatre