Find the right wireless vocal microphone for you

Shure wireless handheld microphones

Experience the legendary Shure sound with the total freedom of a wireless microphone system. You can choose from wireless handheld microphones, to wireless headset and lapel/lavalier microphones, or a combination. From the entry BLX wireless systems, to SLX, ULX, UHF-R and the flagship Axient systems, Shure caters for start out bands to the needs of professional touring musicians and presenters. Use the product finder to find the best wireless system solution for you.

Wireless Vocal Dynamic microphones

With a very simple construction dynamic microphones are rugged and robust and can withstand extremely high sound pressure levels


Professional quality microphone ideal for lead and backup vocal performance.


SM58 is an industry-standard vocal mic, delivers warm and clear vocal reproduction. First choice for performances worldwide

Wireless vocal condenser microphones

Condenser microphones are more sensitive, providing a smoother, more natural sound, particularly at higher frequencies. Condenser microphones require phantom power (provided by batteries in the microphone or a mixer)


Vocal mic with smooth, tailored response for a warm, natural sound. Ideal for use with in-ear monitors.