Wireless Workbench 6

Wireless System Control Software

Wireless Workbench® 6 software works in concert with Shure wireless systems Axient®, ULX-D™ , QLX-D™, PSM®1000 and UHF-R®. A rich user interface and robust features help to manage and monitor wireless system performance over the network, from pre-show planning through post-performance analysis.

New Features in version 6.12 

Live Monitoring

  • Timeline is a new logging utility designed to capture important channel status information over time, such as RF level, audio level, interference detection, ShowLink® Signal Strength, and more. This feature records data for extended durations with efficient file storage, enabling users to accurately archive and review the performance of their wireless systems.

Inventory Management

  • Presets enable users to save sets of parameters to a file and quickly apply them to one or more selected devices.

Frequency Coordination

  • Scan peaks can be managed and classified with greater flexibility and extended equipment profiles.
  • Intermod spacings can be ignored for groups of frequencies during frequency coordination.
  • Coordination order customization can be performed ad-hoc in the Coordination Workspace.

Enterprise Networking

  • Remote Device Connection enables users to connect Wireless Workbench to devices across subnets.
  • Access Control enables devices to be protected from unauthorized changes via Shure software.


System Requirements

  • Windows:  7 or 8 or 10
  • Mac: OS X 10.8 – 10.11


Wireless Workbench 6 Forum

WWB6 users can find the latest news, post questions, and interact with each other and Shure Wireless Workbench experts on the Wireless Workbench 6 Forum

Release Notes

Version 6.12

Version 6.11.3

Version 6.11.2

Version 6.11.0

Version 6.10.3

Version 6.10.2

Version 6.10.1

Version 6.10.0