DJ & Phono

Shure DJ equipment, phono equipment

An extensive range of DJ Cartridges for scratching, mixing and spinning in any performance situation. Each versatile needle features the unique sound characteristics developed by Shure for low record wear, high skip resistance and reliable record cueing. 

Shure DJ Cartridges have won many awards since their introduction.  The M447 DJ cartridge is extremely popular for scratch and turntablist DJ's, while the Whitelabel is best suited to all forms of electronic music.   

There is also a range of phonograph hifi cartridges for vinyl record listening, sampling and achiving. Each lightweight, user-replaceable cartridge features high trackability, warm natural sound reproduction and low record wear.

DJ Phono


Shure M35 DJ Phono Cartridge for House and Techno


Standard DJ cartridge for Scratching, mixing, spinning.


Versatile DJ cartridge for mixing and scratching


Legendary DJ Cartridge for Scratch DJ's and Turntablists worldwide


DJ Phono Cartridge for club Dj's



Excellent high-value cartridge that fits 85% of turntables. Smooth sound throughout the frequency range. P-mount design with Standard mount adapter.


Superb smooth-sounding phonograph cartridge designed to provide long hours of undistorted listening, without fatiguing the ear.


Phono Cartridge for 78 rpm listening and sampling (wide-groove)