Shure Authorized Online Dealers

At Shure, Legendary Performance is more than a tagline. It’s the standard we set for doing business. Shure Authorized Online Dealers share our goal of providing you with unparalleled quality, service and convenience.

Reasons to Purchase from Shure Authorized Online Dealers

Warranty, Service & Support.
Shure honors warranties and provides service only for genuine Shure products. If you purchase a counterfeit product from an unknown source, then it can neither be guaranteed under warranty nor serviced by Shure. Our Authorized Online Dealers can assist you with product information and selection and offer the convenience of in-stock products from Shure.

Peace of Mind.
Counterfeit products are a serious problem worldwide, and they’re not always easy to spot at first glance. When you buy from a Shure Authorized Online Dealer, you know you’re purchasing a genuine Shure product, not a counterfeit.

How to Identify an Authorized Online Dealer
Authorized Online Dealers will have the Shure Authorized Dealer logo placed on their website and will link back to this page. You will find the name of the Authorized Online Dealer listed. If you have any questions, contact the Shure Distributor in your country.