Founded in 1831, New York University School of Law (NYU Law) is one of the most prestigious law schools in the United States. Located in New York City’s Greenwich Village, NYU Law is a venue where leaders from government, business, and the legal community deliver speeches and participate in panel discussions. In each of these events, styling performance and clear sound are of utmost importance for speech intelligibility and hearing. 

Shure, the world’s leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics, partnered with China’s first Electronic Dance Music (EDM) television show “Heroes of Remix” to provide performers and audiences an experience of top-notch acoustics and unparalleled audio fidelity. The highly popular music television show is currently aired on Jiangsu TV and is judged by four talented musicians from Asia - Leehom Wang, Phoenix Legend, Harlem Yu and Psy.

The Shure SM58®, the world’s most popular microphone, has been a foundational and formidable part of live performance for more than 50 years. To celebrate and honor five decades of the renowned sound, design, and durability of this iconic mic, Shure is announcing the introduction of a 50th Anniversary model, along with a variety of initiatives to engage and inspire loyal SM58 fans of all ages around the world.

With the introduction of 4G mobile network and Digital TV, the frequency spectrum in the air is changing. Some countries in the Asia region will have new allocation in place very soon. Are you ready for the change?

Patented as the world’s first to apply electrostatic technology on sound isolating earphones, KSE1500 is honored with Gold Award (under the category of “In-ear Headphone priced beyond JPY 150,000”) and Lifestyle Award at the VGP (Visual Grand Prix) Award 2016, one of the most sought-after and respected consumer electronics awards in Japan.