Shure unveils its SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software, a solution designed to provide centralized IT support and real-time troubleshooting for enterprise-wide deployments of Shure Microflex™ Wireless, ULXD™ Digital Wireless Systems, and SCM820 Automatic Mixers.

Today, Shure Incorporated releases the latest version of its Wireless Workbench® System Control Software—Version 6.12. The update is designed to put maximum power and flexibility into the user’s hands. The addition of several new features will help wireless users better manage and monitor wireless system performance over the network, from pre-show planning through post-performance analysis.

With the introduction of 4G mobile network and Digital TV, the frequency spectrum in the air is changing. Some countries in the Asia region will have new allocation in place very soon. Are you ready for the change?

Patented as the world’s first to apply electrostatic technology on sound isolating earphones, KSE1500 is honored with Gold Award (under the category of “In-ear Headphone priced beyond JPY 150,000”) and Lifestyle Award at the VGP (Visual Grand Prix) Award 2016, one of the most sought-after and respected consumer electronics awards in Japan.