Shure Drum Mastery

A series of workshops from drum professional Darren Ashford to help you gain additional knowledge about drumming and drum miking

Workshop 1: 3D Grooves

Workshop 2: Drum Miking

Drum Mastery Workshop 2: Drum Miking

About this Video Workshop: What would you need to consider when miking a Bass/Kick Drum? Why might someone use 2 mics on a Snare? This Workshop will …

Workshop 3: Speed and Fluency

Workshop 4: Foot Techniques - Heel-Up and Heel-Down

Workshop 5: Lick for stops and set ups

Workshop 6: Snare Drum Tonalities

Workshop 7: Drumset Ergonomics

Workshop 8: In Ear Monitoring

Workshop 9: Drum Miking Hints & Tips

Workshops 10 - 17 Mixing & Mastering Drums with Jay Stapley

Workshop: 10: EQ'ing your drums with Jay Stapley

Workshop 11: Applying gates to your drums with Jay Stapley

Workshop 12: Compression basics for drummers with Jay Stapley

Workshops 13: Dealing With Phase On Your Recordings - Part 1

Workshops 14: Dealing With Phase On Your Recordings - Part 2

Workshop 15: Applying Reverb To Your Drum Mix

Workshop 16: Mixing Your Drum Multi-Track

Workshop 17: Microphones & Monitor Mixing with Mark Buckley

Workshop Special: Drum Mic Comparison

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