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Shure Upgrades AV for Corporate Boardroom

Auckland, October 2011 - A prominent New Zealand company with its headquarters located in the Bay of Plenty, boasts an national and international work force of 250 and deals with global markets on a daily basis. Good communication with their supply chain and markets is essential. To make sure this communication as seamless as possible, they recently contacted a local contractor to do the AV upgrade in their boardroom.

The boardroom is used for many different applications including meetings, presentations and audio/video conferences with international clients. They needed the ability for the room to be used in different configurations and wanted a very easy to use system to change between the different configurations.

As the room was to serve a number of purposes requiring different set up, wired microphones were not an option. The Shure Microflex® Series wireless options were the obvious choice. Microflex® Modular Gooseneck microphones deliver unsurpassed style, flexibility and performance for conference rooms and similar applications. Twelve MX690 wireless gooseneck microphones were specified in conjunction with SLX wireless receivers. To maintain maximum flexibility, an optional wireless handled and lapel microphones were requested. With 14 channels, a wireless system over multiple frequency bands using Shure antenna distribution units was required.

The Shure microphones were used in conjunction with a sound processor that controls the auto-mixing of the microphones and the teleconferencing. The mix minus function was also utilised to stop any feedback. So when a microphone close to one of the speakers was switched on, the processor was programmed to mute the speaker.

The audio system comprises of twelve Shure MX690 wireless gooseneck bases with twelve MX410LP-S super-cardioid goosenecks microphones, one SLX2/SM58 handheld microphone and one SLX1 Bodypack transmitter with Countryman ear set and fourteen SLX4 wireless receivers.


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