Shure Wireless First Choice for Education Providers

Auckland, December 2014 - Well over 500 channels of Shure Wireless have been selected by seven of the most prestigious education providers across New Zealand and Australia. Chosen over other brands for their superior feature sets, as well as Shure’s long standing reputation for being the most trusted audio brand worldwide, offering incomparable audio quality and reliability.

As March 11th 2015 (the expiration date for wireless systems operating in 698 – 806 frequency bands) quickly approaches, education facilities are upgrading and trading in soon to be illegal wireless systems. The most recent upgrades to Shure Wireless Systems include the University of Auckland, University of Canterbury, Rangitoto College and Auckland Grammar School in New Zealand, and the Universities of Sydney, Sunshine Coast and New South Wales in Australia – to mention only a few.

Shure has been chosen over other brands for the exceptional feature sets including superior spectral efficiency, high density capabilities, network control, ease of use and intelligent rechargeable lithium battery options, as well Shure’s long standing reputation for being the most trusted audio brand worldwide, offering incomparable audio quality and reliability.

The University of Canterbury (UOC) recently faced the challenge of replacing 62 channels of wireless, however it was also seen as an opportunity to evaluate and test what was in the market. With an ever-increasingly crowded wireless spectrum space UOC needed a system with the flexibility to move around within the spectrum and offer sufficient channels to avoid potential spectrum issues. After evaluation, Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless became the obvious chose.

Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless offers uncompromising 24-bit audio quality and RF performance, with intelligent, encryption-enabled hardware, flexible single, dual, and quad channel receiver options, and advanced rechargability options for any size professional sound reinforcement.

Shure ULX-D was also the option of choice for the University of Sydney (340 channels), University of New South Wales (44 channels), Rangitoto College (eight channels) and Auckland Grammar School (18 Channels).

These education facilities were able to trade in their existing equipment for a substantial discount off their new ULX-D systems. To assist in the changeover process Shure will be running a trade-in program in New Zealand until 31st March 2015.

For University of Auckland (UOA) in replacing 57 channels of wireless the choice to replace their existing systems with Shure’s latest release QLX-D Digital Wireless was clear. A local scan was performed to confirm the channel count, and a Shure Wireless Workbench demo was provided to show ease of set up and monitoring over a network. For the UOA application, it was the intelligent rechargeable lithium batteries with docking stations, along with the sound and build quality that made Shure the leading option.

Shure QLX-D® Digital Wireless Systems, deliver exceptional wireless performance with transparent 24-bit digital audio, a new cost-effective solution to high-end digital wireless technology featuring networked control and compatibility with Shure’s intelligent rechargeable battery technology.

Shure also offer several lower end wireless system and trade-in options catering to education facilities that have less demands and requirements of their wireless systems.

The changeover is going to be an enormous task and investment for any education facility, not only does it take up time and resources but it also takes careful consideration to evaluate options and ensure that the right products are chosen for the job. Now Sound, working alongside trusted and Authorised Shure Dealers, offer a comprehensive service including frequency scans and audio system design conducted by specialists in the audio field.

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