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Winkler Multi Media Events chooses Shure Axient for the 2013 IAA Motor Show

Interference-free RF transmission guarantees flawless audio performance during Volkswagen’s press conference

Frankfurt, September 2013 - As in the past few years, Swiss rental company Winkler Multi Media Events was responsible for Volkswagen’s audio during the IAA Motor Show, held September 12-22 in Frankfurt. Winkler had previously used Axient for major auto shows in Bejing, Paris and Detroit due to its flawless audio performance and chose to opt for Axient for Frankfurt.

On September 10, Volkswagen conducted its press launch unveiling new products to press representatives from around the globe. “The press conference is crucial for us. News is often broadcast live with an immediate and international reach. At such a high profile live event we cannot afford any dropouts or interference at any point. And to safeguard against this we use Axient as it is the most reliable solution.” commented Andrea Seifert, who is responsible for wireless systems at Winkler Multi Media.

One key concern with live events is that even when the necessary frequency coordination is performed beforehand there is often a risk of RF interference from unknown sources, an issue that Axient can protect against. Andrea Seifert scanned the frequency spectrum prior to the press launch to generate the most recent list of clean backup frequencies and optimised the antenna performance. “I extenuated the performance of our antennas for the conference, so that only our microphones on-stage were captured and not signals generated by the audience.” explains Seifert.

“We have been using Axient for two years now and it has never let us down. We have complete confidence in the system which reduces the pressure on us and makes managing the event much easier.” adds Sebastian Hornung, Head of Audio Engineering at Winkler Multi Media Events.

During the VW press conference, Winkler used AXT400 dual receivers providing a total of 24 channels. The presenters relied on Frequency Diversity transmitting one signal on two different frequencies ensuring the highest level of interference-free audio.

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