Palembang / Indonesia,

Southeast Asian Games 2011

Palembang, November 2011 


The Southeast Asian Games (SEA) is a biennial sporting event under the auspices of the Southeast Asian Games Federation, International Olympic Committee and Olympic Council of Asia, with the 11 countries of Southeast Asia taking part. The 26th SEA Games, from November 3-21, 2011, were held at the 40,000-capacity Jakabaring Sports Centre, Palembang, Indonesia. Myanmar will host the 2013 event, then Singapore in 2015.

Client needs:

Comprehensive audio coverage of an event featuring dancers, orchestras, a 100-person choir and well-known artists, especially for the opening and closing ceremonies. A particular focus is wireless microphone coverage of speeches by the Indonesian President and other dignitaries.


Shure distributor in Indonesia Goshen Electronics worked with audio specialists Sumber Ria, an Asian Games contractor, to provide equipment. A Shure VP89 Shotgun, a highly-directional condenser microphone with distant pickup characteristics, was used to capture stadium ambience. Two Shure Microflex Gooseneck condenser microphones captured Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s speech, while Shure BETA 58A and Beta 87A vocal microphones were used for speeches from Indonesian Minister of Sport Andi Mallarangeng and Rita Subowo, General Chair of Indonesia’s National Sports Committee. Eight ULX Wireless Systems running Workbench 5.0 software were in action, together with Shure HA-8089 and UA870WB antennas. In all, four VP89 Shotgun microphones were deployed. PSM900 Personal Monitor Systems were also ready for artist performances because speaker monitors on stage were too far for the artists to hear.


Provision of audio facilities was a great success overall, despite heavy rain dogging the proceedings. Goshen Electronics’ Franky Cahyadi said SEA 2011 was described by Sumber Ria as a great challenge, as well as an opportunity to present best quality sound, which drew “well done” plaudits from Indonesians and foreign guests alike. He said: “Sumber Ria like Shure better than other brands because they can install the equipment easily and quickly without being bothered with technical constraints. They are thankful to Shure.”

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