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Singapore National Day Parade

employs Shure 30-channel UHF-R Wireless System

Singapore, August 2009 - Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd supplied the Shure UHF-R Wireless System used during the 44th National Day Parade of Singapore (NDP) held in Marina Bay, 9 August. As part of the extensive sound reinforcement system installed by Showtec Communications, the 30-channel wireless system was deployed on the floating platform and used during the military parade and gala show, two event highlights where Shure played a very important role.

Three receiver stations using Shure PSW helical antenna were installed to maximize the coverage for RF. The key parade commanders were equipped with UR1H belt packs, which, according to Showtec Senior Project Manager Chandra Mohan, are more robust and can run on higher RF gain, an assurance for a smooth show performance. Meanwhile, other parade commanders used Shure UR1 belt packs and WL50 lapels. During the finale, various artistes had UR2/BETA58 handhelds and UR1 Beltpack with E6i headset microphones.

The excellent performance of Shure wireless system created an impact at the historic Pledge Moment held at 8.22pm where thousands of Singaporeans reaffirmed their commitment to the nation, a moment where clear and intelligible sound played a crucial role.

For 10 years, Showtec has been using Shure wireless systems since the evolution of the UR4D receiver family and as Chandra said, “With Shure’s reliable wireless systems, we have less worries on hardware failure during show time, and thus enable us to focus on other things to make our events successful.”

For Shure Product Manager Tracey Yap, “It is a pride that our Shure wireless system was employed during the last NDP. For years, E&E has been involved with projects and activities with historical value such as the sound reinforcement systems of the former National Theatre, Singapore National Stadium and Esplanade Theatres on the Bay. We will continue to be at the forefront of these activities.”

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