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Shure ULX-D® Digital Wireless Systems Play a Key Role in the Sibos International Financial Conference

Osaka, February 2013 - Sibos is the world’s largest international financial conference. Held annually since 1978, Sibos brings together people in the financial industry for a wide range of conferences and seminars. Last autumn, Sibos was held in Japan for the first time. Over 6,000 individuals from the financial industry from 137 different countries gathered at the Intex Osaka (Osaka City) venue to attend more than 90 seminars over a four-day period.

This year, Shure wireless systems played a key role in the event’s sound system. 57 wireless channels were used in the main discussion hall and in four medium and smaller-sized halls and tents. The audio designer Mr. Ron Lorman, who has been involved with the sound systems for Sibos for more than six years, referred to Shure wireless as “the best choice in terms of sound quality, function, reliability and technical support.” Lorman continued, “At an event like this, we have different requirements for selecting equipment than we do for a normal concert. The most important condition required of a sound system is that it can clearly reproduce human speech. That’s the most important criteria of all. Sibos attracts people from all over the world and the nuances of human speech vary greatly from language to language. My main objective was to ensure that each person’s voice came out clearly, sounding natural and comfortable. To achieve that, the quality of the sound equipment is important, so we need to use the best available on the market. We ended up selecting Shure as the best choice for our wireless system.”

Throughout his notable career, Lorman has designed sound systems for many different events, but referred to the last Sibos conference in Japan as “extremely challenging, much more so than anywhere else.” Lorman explained, “Sibos planned to hold simultaneous conferences and discussions in a number of different halls, so in total we needed around one hundred wireless channels. However, you can only use 39 channels maximum in Japan’s traditional A band. So the first obstacle we had to clear in designing the Sibos sound system was assigning frequencies to all our wireless systems, given the limited amount of available spectrum.”

“In November 2010, I visited the Shure Hong Kong office to discuss the wireless system I was going to use in Sibos in Japan. After some initial planning, the best solution turned out to be Shure’s new ULX-D® Digital Wireless System. ULX-D means that with the A and B bands together we can use a maximum of 45 wireless microphone channels in regular mode, which we can all use at the same time.” This efficiency is significant given the limited amount of available spectrum in Japan (40MHz in total). Lorman continued, “The ULX-D dual and quad channel receivers were particularly useful because they fit two or four channels of wireless into one rack space, simplifying setup and saving valuable space.”

A total of 57 wireless microphone channels, including ULX-D, UHF-R® and UHF-R MW, were used at Sibos. Lorman was full of praise for ULX-D, saying “It didn’t just save this event — it really is a first-rate wireless system. The main reason that ULX-D is so good, aside from the large number of channels, is that the sound quality is excellent. Thanks to ULX-D, we were able to get clear, natural speech sound. Despite the narrow occupied bandwidth, the harmonic distortion was extremely low, and it really sounded great. And of course the reliability was flawless. High Density mode, with an RF output of 1 mW, is really a lifeline for someone like me who works in an occupation where you can’t tolerate any errors. During the four days of Sibos this year, there was not a single dropout. There wasn’t a single issue with the wireless system, not even minor issues. ULX-D comes with encryption functions based on the latest standards, and all these features made me realize that this is simply the best digital wireless system on the market today.”

At Sibos, ULX-D was used in conjunction with WL185 and MX150 lavalier microphones. Lorman normally uses the WL185, but commented that, “The MX150 is so tiny it's really easy to use for double micing. I used the MX150 for all the executives who took the floor. It proved to be very manageable, and provided proper rejection for increased gain before feedback. I will continue to use the MX150 in the future.”

After four days, Sibos ended without any problems. Lorman notes that this year “The Sibos sound system had a 100% success rate. There is no doubt that it was Shure wireless that allowed the Sibos sound system to operate at a 100% success rate. Thanks to ULX-D and Shure’s other great products, as well as strong support from the staff, we were able to finish the four days without any problems. I decided to order some ULX-D units for my premier clients the moment I finished this event. ULX-D will be extremely beneficial for all future events I am involved in. I’ve used Shure products for years now, and expect to continue to do so. Shure is always there when I need them. And I don’t think this relationship will change in the future, either.”

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