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Shure Microphones are a Resounding Success during Folk Music Performance

Perfect wireless performance for UHF-R®

Beijing, August 2012 - The China Dongfang Performance Arts Group in Beijing recently presented a musical extravaganza combining traditional and contemporary musical instruments entitled “Folk Music Can Also be Trendy.” The all-new performance was presented at the Beijing Exhibition Center theatre on August 24 and 25.

The performance was a fresh artistic experience combining the melodic tunes of traditional Chinese instruments with a powerful popular music beat. The audience was treated to a variety of musical compositions including the original music scores “Standing Tall in the East” in all its grandiosity and the passionate “Glory,” classic tunes such as the evergreen folk song ”Jasmine Flower,” a contemporary adaptation of the “New Road Angel,” and the haunting classic music, “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River”. If these were not enough, the audience also viewed dazzling performances of the tender and passionate Cossack folk song “Caucasian Lover,” the serene “Moscow Night,” and the pure and pristine “Hawthorn Tree”. The finale was renowned erhu player Zhou Wei’s performance of the classics “The Moon Reflected in Er-quan” and “Horse Racing,” leaving the audience feeling as if they were racing on vast grasslands.

In all there were 14 programs, including refreshingly creative folk and western solo and ensemble performances. Such high standards for the performances posed considerable challenges for sound control at the theater as the performers needed to move about as they played. The largest technical challenge was the simultaneous use of 26 bodypack transmitters and 4-channel handheld microphones. The 30-channel wireless system was deployed next to the FOH sound mixing console and used a UA845 antenna distributor to share signals from a pair of UA870 antenna. In both areas Shure played a major role.

Mr. Pan Zheng, the sound engineer responsible for the audio systems for the performances, said, “For this kind of performance that combines traditional and contemporary elements, the microphone is especially important. Before every performance we had to thoroughly check each performers’ musical instruments and microphones. I think the audience fully deserves a perfect performance, and that perfection must be achieved through quality equipment. In this regard, Shure’s UHF-R wireless microphone system's superb stability was way beyond our original expectations.”

Pan also spoke about the wireless environment of the theater, stating, “The Beijing Exhibition Center’s theater had an extremely crowded frequency spectrum. Before each performance we had to sweep all available frequencies. All wireless sound frequencies were passed through Shure’s Wireless Workbench software in order for us to select the most appropriate frequency point. System coordination was easily achieved and the UHF-R system’s frequency signal transmission was extremely stable with excellent sound quality. We were very pleased with the system’s ability to replicate a wide range of musical details. The perfect combination of the UHF-R wireless system and traditional music meant the performance was a resounding success.”

The musical performance benefited from two major bands of the China Dongfang Performance Arts Group, the Dongfang Folk Music Band and the Dongfang Popular Music Band. Their perfect combination of folk music and popular music provided the audience with an all-new artistic experience.

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