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Shure Brings 124 Wireless Channels to Singapore’s Iconic New Landmark: The Star Performing Arts Centre

Singapore, November 2012 - Developed in partnership with Rock Productions Pte Ltd, The Star Performing Arts Centre (The Star PAC) casts Shure Axient® and ULX-D® systems to create a flexible and reliable wireless environment across Singapore’s new state-of-the-art performing arts venue, which features a collection of performance and event spaces. In collaboration with Singapore distributor Electronics & Engineering (E&E) along with consultant Artec, the Shure Asia team supported one of the largest adoptions of Axient and ULX-D systems in the region, which also boasts UHF-R® and PSM® systems to collectively offer up to 124 wireless channels facility-wide. Ultimately, the large-scale Shure audio configuration is designed to overcome the venue’s diverse production needs—from a multi-purpose hall and indoor performance theatre to breakout function rooms, an outdoor amphitheatre and rooftop reception area.

Following its recent market introduction, Axient promised wireless advantages too compelling to ignore, which prompted E&E to highly recommend the new Shure system over the competing wireless incumbent. Today, Axient and ULX-D (among other Shure products) serve as the audio bloodline supporting the iconic new landmark—the region’s integrated hub for civic, cultural, retail and entertainment activities.

According to Gary Goh, Deputy Managing Director of E&E, Axient was better positioned to ensure stability across the facility’s RF operations, as a result of the system’s top features such as Frequency Diversity and Interference Detection and Avoidance. A production industry game-changer, Frequency Diversity allows two independent radio frequencies to carry the audio transmission from a single source, not only optimizing audio on a single channel, but also creating redundancy through a second layer of diversity to allow clean, uninterrupted performance. The receiver can detect unwanted interference and switch to a new, clear compatible frequency, which is monitored and assigned by AXT600 Spectrum Manager to automatically solve any interference issues.

Goh explains, “Axient marks a significant technological advancement that helped us redefine the old theatre production parameters to enter unchartered territories with this project. Knowing that The Star PAC will host myriad activities, we needed a complete solution that affords flexible, user-friendly productions for unprecedented audio in any environment. We accomplished the wireless multi-channel application by combining Shure’s industry-leading technology with proper design to overcome interference issues traditionally linked to RF-intensive productions.”

The Star PAC’s impressive wireless count spans the 5,000-seat performance theatre, among other venue amenities, with the following channel set-up:

  • The Star Theatre—40 channels of Axient and 28 channels of PSM 1000 Personal Monitoring System
  • The Star Terrace/The Star Loft—20 channels of ULX-D Digital Wireless Microphone System and 12 channels of PSM 900 Personal Monitoring System
  • The Star Gallery—24 channels of UHF-R Wireless Microphone Systems

“Given the nature of The Star PAC’s assorted activities, we needed an audio install capable of adapting to scenarios despite presently unknown variables such as number of musical performers or town hall meeting presenters,” adds Goh. “The ability to scale the wireless channels is critical to meeting the needs of this melting pot for anything from pop concerts to community and corporate events. For example, the High Density mode within the installed ULX-D systems supports a robust environment, squeezing up to 47 channels with just six MHz to expand the UHF range.”

Goh continues, “The Star PAC’s venue resembles what most would refer to as a crowded wireless environment—one that would typically pose interference issues when trying to deliver wireless channels across multiple rooms, side-by-side. However, by using ULX-D, we are able to broadcast six to seven channels, all producing crystal clear audio despite the adjacent room set-up. Furthermore, ULX-D’s rugged system design affords versatility to create reliable audio in both indoor and outdoor application areas.”

Hans Chia, Technical Supervisor, Audio, at The Star PAC remarked, “Frequency stability and equipment reliability were some of the key factors when we were selecting the wireless mic system for our venue. It is crucial that we do not face any frequency clashing issues should we ever deploy all the wireless microphones and IEMs at the various venues in the building. To meet this requirement, we selected Shure Axient as our main workhorse in The Star Theatre. Since the theatre will be used for concerts, theatre, dance and large scale performance, we needed a wireless system of high audio quality to perform the frequency avoidance function and to meet most of the concert technical rider requirements. Shure Axient’s frequency avoidance feature has brought wireless microphone systems to another level and we are pleased to be one of the first users of Shure Axient in Singapore.”

“I’ve used Shure wireless systems for the past ten years and I never experienced issues with any of the Shure wireless systems,” Hans enthused. “Shure has improved their wireless technology over the years and has come out with such a great product. I’m extremely happy with the final product delivered to us and I hope to see continued improvements on wireless technology.”

Celebrating its official opening in November 2012, The Star PAC welcomed international artists including Canadian sensation David Foster along with 10-time Grammy Award winners Chaka Khan and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds onto its stages. For a current list of venue activities, check:

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