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Shure Axient® Wireless Takes Center Stage at the Global Indian Music Awards

Mumbai, October 2012 - The 3rd Chevrolet Star Global Indian Music Awards (GiMA) took place on October 1, 2012, attracting world-class artists who gathered at Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai to recognize more than 20 winners in both Film and Non-Film categories. A pillar now synonymous with the Indian music fraternity, the GiMA 2012 program aired on October 21, via broadcasts by Star TV Network and its affiliates, reaching viewers in India, Middle East, South America, U.K., and U.S. regions. Selected as the wireless microphone manufacturer of choice, Shure Axient powered the audio behind all artists stepping onto this year’s elite stage.

Dedicated to honoring Indian music, musicians, and musicianship, the 2012 ceremony was hosted by Saif Ali Khan and Parineeti Chopra, and featured a talented lineup of chart-topping artists. In addition to the dynamic presentations on-stage, numerous award-winning stars were in attendance—including longtime Shure endorser—Shaan. Axient Wireless Systems showcased the evening’s 11 performances, from a special tribute celebrating A.R. Rahman to other musical appearances by Sonu Nigam, Sonkashi Sinha and Sukhwinder Singh.

The live music mix was handled by Osie Pinto, Head of Operations at Performance Audio, whose team provided onsite technical support during the event along with all the production gear. Shure distributor in India Sun Infonet Pvt. Ltd. was also present to assist with frequency coordination. In order to capture the musical performances and award presentations, the team relied on the Axient Wireless Management Network, including several Shure products such as AXT400 dual channel receivers, AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager, the unique rechargeable battery technology, and AXT200 Axient handheld frequency diversity transmitters, which they controlled and monitored through Shure’s Wireless Workbench 6 software.

“The Axient system’s dual channel capabilities exceeded expectations,” commented Pinto. “During an awards show event, we only have one chance to get it right, so we needed a workflow that we could trust. Additionally, Axient allowed us to remotely adjust the transmitter’s audio gain setting on the talents’ beltpacks in real-time during the show, which ensured that we didn’t clip any input signals.”

Vijay Sinha, Applications Engineer at Sun Infonet added that the Axient Spectrum Manager greatly simplified the complex RF environment during the performance, “The Spectrum Manager is an amazing RF management tool. It constantly monitors frequencies in use and ranks backup frequencies. You don’t have to worry about scrambling to find a clean frequency.”

To deliver uncompromised sound quality, the live production team also relied on UHF-R™ Wireless microphone systems with UR2 handheld transmitters, as well as Shure MX412 and MX418 gooseneck mics for the podium set-up. A variety of Shure microphones—including SM58®, SM57, SM81LC, KSM44 and Beta series—captured the instruments on stage to round out the evening mix of performances.

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