Goa / India,

Reynolds Sound & Lighting Services Relies on Shure Axient® Wireless to Power Corporate Event

Interference-free Audio Critical Factor in Address to 800 Top-Performing Sales Associates

Goa, March 2013 - Kicking off the new year, event agency Eventisimo, with the help of audiovisual equipment rental company, Reynolds Sound & Lighting Services coordinated and produced a global sales meeting in Goa, India for international cosmetic company, Oriflame Cosmetics S.A. The event, which brought together approximately 800 attendees from more than 60 countries, relied on Shure Axient® wireless system to ensure trouble-free operation with automatic interference detection.

With hundreds of attendees from all over the world, the meeting incorporated nearly 500 wireless language interpretation devices to translate conference communication into 20 different languages. To manage this complex RF environment, India distributor Sun Infonet recommended Axient and after a demonstration of the product benefits, Reynolds’ choice was clear. Reynolds selected Axient and employed the Axient Spectrum Manager connected to Wireless Workbench 6 to seamlessly determine the best available frequencies across a total of eight wireless channels in use—for ultimate interference detection and avoidance.

In addition to stellar RF performance, Reynolds also selected Axient for its advanced power management, leveraging the system’s smart lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs to eliminate memory effect problems and deliver accurate battery life metering. To further optimize setup efficiencies and event control in the congested environment, four dual channel receivers were put in place as well as Axient ShowLink® remote control to enable real-time remote transmitter adjustments.

Using Shure Axient wireless for the first time, Reynolds Technical Director Michael Furtado commented, “With increasing concerns about bandwidth and the necessity to get it right the first time, Axient's channel management, integrated spectrum analyzer, rechargeability, and most important the frequency diversity feature, allow for completely fail-safe operation and remote control. Shure's proprietary Interference Detection and Avoidance makes Axient the ultimate wireless system. And as a rental company, we're happy about the cost savings that result from using rechargeable batteries.”

When asked about what Axient means for Reynolds’ future, Managing Director Felix Remedios replied, “I feel that Axient takes care of all the ‘problem areas’ in wireless microphone operation, and is definitely the most advanced wireless system in the market today. Given that our company handles the most prestigious conferences in the Indian market, our clients expect no less than the best. With our recent acquisition of Axient, we have shown our clients that we will settle for nothing but the best. We have always prided ourselves on being the market leader and the technology trail-blazer that other companies strive to emulate, and with Axient, we've set a benchmark for India’s audio industry.”

For more information on Shure's Axient wireless systems, visit: www.axient.net.

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