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Rangitoto College Responds to Wireless Spectrum Changes with Help from Shure

World Class School Installs ULX-D Digital Wireless in 1,500-Seat Auditorium

Auckland, Sept. 21, 2015 — Rangitoto College in Auckland, New Zealand, the country’s largest secondary school, is recognized around the world for its academic excellence, sporting achievements and performing arts. The college is dedicated to maximizing students’ potential through the provision of a world class education and optimal facilities. Following this commitment, Rangitoto College recently upgraded the audio design of its 1,500-seat auditorium to improve the room’s sound quality and to also address new spectrum changes in New Zealand.

“Rangitoto’s auditorium is located at the highest point of the country’s north shore, which causes an onslaught of RF warfare,” said Rick Senekal of Halogen Audio, an integrated A/V solutions company that oversaw the school’s audio upgrade. “Our new audio design required a wireless microphone system that made it easy to find a clean frequency, for flawless sound amplification, and also abided by new spectrum rulings in New Zealand. Rangitoto had systems operating between 700 and 800 MHz, but worked with us to promptly find a solution within legal regulations. We opted to install Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless Systems.”

As of March 11, 2015, wireless microphones using frequencies outside of the 502-606 MHz or 622-698 MHz range are no longer permitted by New Zealand laws. ULX-D offers Rangitoto extremely efficient and reliable RF performance—having the ability to fit up to 17 active transmitters in one 6 MHz TV channel—Ethernet networking for streamlined setup and control, and advanced rechargeable power management with precision metering of remaining battery levels. The ULXD4Q Quad Channel Receivers connect seamlessly with the school’s centralized hardware processor, delivering multi-channel audio over Ethernet. The ULXD4Q, which also offers a Dante™ digital networking feature, operates four channels of audio in a rugged, space-efficient single rack unit and completes Rangitoto’s audio upgrade which also included the integration of loudspeakers, subwoofers and a system amplifier for flexible control and professional sound reinforcement. All equipment is now operated from the school’s centralized processor and managed using touchscreen controllers over IP.

“Shure’s proven reliability and value were big factors during our gear selection process,” added Senekal. “We started the college’s audio overhaul in 2013 and followed a stage process to keep costs down. Everything has been completed with the exception of a few more speakers we plan to install underneath the mezzanine floor in 2016.”

Relying on ULX-D in Rangitoto’s auditorium, students, teachers and public speakers have the option to use SM58, Beta 58 and Beta 87A handhelds or a bodypack transmitter.

“Rangitoto has some of the best facilities in the southern hemisphere and now its auditorium boasts audio that is best-in-class. The customer has been extremely pleased with ULX-D and no longer has to worry about RF interference issues interrupting speeches and performances,” concluded Senekal.

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