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Medical Learning Institute in India upgrades new facilities with SHURE

Indore, July 2014 - Situated at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences (SAIMS) is a state-of-the-art medical institute graduating first class clinicians. SAIMS recently focused efforts on designing and building a cutting-edge LASER Specialty Center and upgrading facilities with an interactive positive learning environment via an advanced audio visual system which allows students to dialogue with teaching doctors in real time as they are performing procedures.

For an advanced audio-visual system, where live operations could be simultaneously streamed from up to three different operation theatres, SAIMS turned to Audio Cratz—a local systems integrator. With leading medical equipment and a high-pressure environment, the LASER Specialty Center required freedom from audio failure, including dropouts and poor quality sound. To create an environment where the audio components worked seamless, effectively supporting teaching doctors in constant motion and facilitating two-way communication between observers and those performing the procedures, Audio Cratz installed a number of SHURE® products trusted to deliver flawless audio.

Dr. Vinod Bhandari, Director of SAIMS Indore, commented, "The premium quality products from SHURE®, supplied by Sun Infonet Pvt. Ltd., and installed at the LASER Specialty Center—which is one of the best interactive seminar centers in India—have given our students and faculty a unique opportunity to learn in a live environment. We have successfully conducted a number of seminars after installing SHURE® audio equipment and are extremely pleased with the outstanding performance.”

SHURE® Microflex® MX412 gooseneck microphones were selected for the 60 person LASER Specialty Center hall. As doctors demonstrate surgical techniques and teach using endoscopic and conference cameras, Microflex goosenecks allow all participants—students, doctors or delegates in the seminar room—to ask the performing doctors questions during the operation.

For the main doctor in the operation theater, the team chose SHURE® ULX-D® Digital Wireless Systems, specifically the ULXD4 wireless receiver and ULXD1 wireless bodypack transmitter with WCE6D earset microphone. Light and practically invisible, the WCE6D provides a minimally invasive solution for the doctor who requires a hands free, comfortable microphone that won’t interfere with the medical procedure being performed.

For the main seminar speaker, SHURE® SLX14 Wireless System provides a bodypack transmitter and diversity receiver, with a WL185 lavalier condenser microphone to help deliver clear sound while rejecting excess ambient noise. Additionally, to help minimize poor audio caused by multiple open microphones and effectively record sessions, the LASER Specialty Center is outfitted with a SHURE® SCM810 automatic mixer. Audio Cratz also selected SHURE® DFR audio processor for broadcasting, sound reinforcement and feedback suppression.

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