Shenyang Liaoning / China,

Shure AXIENT® Successfully Used at the Liaoning TV 2013 Spring Festival Gala Program

By Zhu Haifeng, Liaoning Broadcast TV

Shenyang, Liaoning, January 2013 - The 2013 Spring Festival Gala for Liaoning Broadcast TV was recorded on January 17, 2013, at the Liaoning Theater. The RF environment in Shenyang is typically subject to considerable interference due to the increase in wireless devices used by the local residents. As a result, the Liaoning TV station ordered SHURE AXIENT wireless systems before recording the Spring Festival Gala. We also requested that Authorized Shure Distributor, Advanced Communication Equipment (International) Co., Ltd., send engineers to provide technical support. Before recording the program, we scanned for interfering static frequencies at the Liaoning theater when it was empty, and then again during the dress rehearsal, to asses the area's suitability for wireless devices. These scans allowed us to compile the frequency spectrum and distribution of the wireless equipment at the theater to ensure that the recording of the Gala was conducted perfectly.

The TV station currently faces numerous technical problems concerning its wireless performance, mainly from the stability of the overall wireless system. The frequency dropping, periodic interference and poor coordination between wireless systems regularly affect the TV station’s sound quality. We summarized requirements for the wireless equipment’s configuration and consulted with industry professionals. Considerable attention was given to preparatory work, including understanding the frequency environment, selection of equipment frequency, usage and installation of equipment and accessories, and frequency planning during live performances. Our goal was to utilize the full range of the equipment’s functions with our rigorous work ethic.

To accommodate the exact requirements of the TV station, and the rather demanding operating environment, we selected the Shure AXIENT system for the recording of this year’s Spring Festival Gala due to its reputation as the most advanced and suitable wireless system for broadcasting. We used Shure AXIENT alongside the station’s SHURE UHF-R system to form a wireless microphone setup for the Gala.

It’s proven that AXIENT is capable of real-time frequency point backup and switching. What’s more is that the system’s numerous proprietary technical features are able to perfectly resolve the problem of wireless frequency interference that hinders many broadcasting systems.

We began our preparation by familiarizing ourselves with the equipment. We then adjusted the positions of the antennae during rehearsal to enable a reception effect and turned on all the sound and lighting systems in order to determine the working frequency points, which were used to automatically handle interference and adjust to the frequency points. After several trials, the wireless system was stable, and we ensured there would be no interference from external or internal frequencies within the system during the recording of the Gala. Our implementation of the wireless system was truly unprecedented; we can assure you that our determined efforts effectively ensured the smooth performance of the Spring Festival Gala.

Zhu Haifeng from Recording Section
Technical Development Management Center of Liaoning Broadcast TV Station

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