Seoul / South Korea,

Korea Exchange

Seoul, September 2008


The Korea Exchange (KRX) has moved to a new building. In the rooms in the old building, they used the Shure MX418D/C microphones and satisfied with its superior sound quality. However, they used the microphones without the microphone mixers so that sometimes there were the problems such as feedback and poor audio caused by multiple open microphones during the meeting. 

Client needs:

This project was to upgrade the audio systems in the conference rooms of Korea Exchange (KRX). KRX also asked for the new conference audio systems with clear speech reproducing and camera tracking systems for their new small conference room. In the grand conference room has the rectangle-shaped table and each seat has been required the microphones. The other 2 conference rooms have the same structure as the grand room, but only the number of seats in each room is different.


For the new audio systems, we recommended SCM810E microphone mixers to be added to their old audio chains. All MX418D/Cs are linked to SCM810Es which are installed in order to get rid of the sound problems. With the Intellimix technology of SCM810E which activates only microphones being addressed, poor audio caused by multiple open microphones is minimized. As for the camera tracking system, SCM810E makes the camera tracking function possible because it provides the DC points so the camera keeps track of the open microphone. DFR22s are used to eliminate feedback sounds without any sound troubles. Feedback sound is often occurred in the typical conference room due to ceiling speakers are close to the microphones on the table. However, its adaptive notch filters discriminate between feedback and non-feedback sounds, and then attenuate only feedback sounds. For the new small conference room, 10 MX418D/Cs are put on the rectangle-shaped table because of its suitable appearance for the room, wide frequency range as well as great sound quality.


KRX has been satisfied with their upgraded and new audio systems.

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