Changchun Jilin / China,

Jilin Television

Changchun, Jilin, August 2010


Celebrating their fiftieth year since initially going on air, Jilin Television (JLTV) is a television network serving the Changchun and Jilin provinces of northern China, broadcasting its’ services in Mandarin, Manchu, and Mongol. JLTV recently opened new 800 and 1,500 sq m studios, which are located in close proximity to one another.

Client needs:

Initially, a wireless walkie-talkie system was used for intercommunications inside the TV studio during big events. Every channel had to be scanned beforehand to ensure that the selected channel being used would not suffer from any interference – a time consuming process, which was not always reliable. 


Therefore, the broadcaster felt that it should invest in a wireless microphone system, for which a Shure UHF-R series wireless microphone system was ultimately selected.The larger studio is equipped with eight UR4D dual channel receivers, four UR2/SM58 wireless handhelds, six UR2/KSM9/SL wireless handhelds and six UR1 wireless belt-packs with WL51B clip and WBH53T headset mics. The 800sq.m studio has also been equipped with five UR4D dual channel receivers, two UR2/SM58 wireless handhelds, four UR2/BETA87C wireless handhelds, and four UR1 wireless belt-packs with WL51B clip and WBH53T Headset mics. A total of three UA854C antenna distribution amplifiers together with four UA870WB paddle antennas were installed in both studios to ensure even coverage. Not only do the Shure UHF-R systems offer a broad spectrum band to work in, but they also tick all the right boxes when it comes to and reliability, accurate coverage and sound transmission without interference. In addition, the two studios also acquired sixteen MX418D/C gooseneck microphones, two SCM810C auto mixers and fourteen MX202WP/C ceiling microphones for picking up the audience’s ambient sound. Advanced Communications Equipment (A.C.E.) in Beijing supplied the microphones for the entire project.

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