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Harley Davidson Anniversary Celebration relies on Shure Microphones for Flawless Audio

Bikerockestra Event in Indonesia a Roaring Success with Support of Shure

Bandung, November 2013 - Celebrating Harley Davidson’s 110th anniversary, the Harley Davidson Club of Indonesia hosted Bikerockestra, an event in Bandung this past September that attracted thousands of bikers and spectators. The pinnacle of the two-day event was a biker orchestra that harmonized music from traditional instruments with the sound of Harley motorcycle mufflers.

Prior to the celebration, the club tapped Sumber Ria, an Indonesian audio rental company, to select audio gear for the commemorative event. Understanding the unique requirements, the rental company knew it had to rely on gear that could deliver clear sound to a large crowd while handling multiple performances that involved an array of traditional and non-traditional instruments. The microphones were required to not only withstand the outdoor environment including significant humidity, but also to deliver clear audio over a backdrop of revving bike engines.

Understanding the challenges, Sumber Ria VP Reza Sterling, who has relied almost exclusively on Shure technology for other client events, turned to a combination of Shure wired and wireless microphones for their ease of use, durability and superior sound quality. The Bickerockestra event technology included Shure ULX® Professional Wireless Systems with SM58® microphones, as well as over 40 SM58, SM57, SM81, KSM32, Beta® 91A and VP89 microphones. Authorized distributor for Indonesia, Goshen Electronics, was also present and pre-recorded some of the Harley Davidson muffler sounds with music using KSM32 mics and a Pro Tools rig. The recorded mix was used during the biker orchestra and also for a surround sound DVD that will be available to buy early next year.

“The event was awesome,” commented Franky Cahyadi, Senior Marketing Manager at Goshen. “All Shure microphones worked perfectly—even in the dusty, outdoor environment.”

The event had a live orchestra and rock performers on three stages. Bikers organized into different color-coded groups participated by revving their engines when signaled by LED lights on the main stage that corresponded with their group. The sounds from the mufflers were picked up by VP89S and VP89L shotgun microphones and KSM32s, and were then combined with the rock music on stage, for a stunning and one-of-a-kind performance. Additionally, the VP series microphones were used to capture the sounds of the event ambience which will be used in the DVD release.

“The two-day celebration was executed perfectly. Product quality and durability are critical at this type of outdoor festival, so we needed top-of-the-line audio gear that we could rely on,” explained Sterling. “Shure technology was the perfect answer—capturing the unique mixture of sounds for each performance and delivering crystal-clear audio to a very large group of Harley fans.”

The success of the event was enjoyed by more than seven hundred audience members and nearly 1,000 bikers, who rocked the event both on and off the stage. Mr. Joni Nugroho is a chairman of HDCI (Harley Davidson Club Indonesia) Bandung and Mr. Ony Krisnerwinto is one of Bikerockestra who was awarded The Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) Trophy for executing such a successful event.

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