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Goshen Electronics and Shure Asia Sponsor SSR Jakarta School

Jakarta, 2012 - INDONESIA: In an effort to educate and share knowledge with SSR Jakarta school’s students regarding microphone selection, placement and application, Goshen Electronics Indonesia has recently completed a Shure sponsorship deal at the educational facility. The sponsorship is fully supported by Shure Asia Ltd.

In total, 82 pieces of equipment from Shure are on loan to the school for its classrooms, comprising P9TERAs, SE425-CLs, Beta 52As, 56As, 58As, 91As and 98D/S models. In addition, various DMK57-52s, PGDMK6-XLRs, SM57-LCs, SM58-LCs and SM81-LCs are involved in the sponsorship, as well as a number of SM7Bs, VP82s, KSM141/SLs, KSM32/SLs and SLX24/SM58s.

‘This sponsorship means that teachers can introduce various types of microphones to students by showing that each application requires a specific type of microphone,’ explained Franky Cahyadi, marketing manager at Goshen Electronics. ‘In return, SSR will only use the Shure brand for microphones and personal monitors for their classes. Also, when they do a road show, Shure branding will be used.

‘We are very pleased to work closely with Shure to support SSR for this opportunity,’ added Mr Cahyadi. ‘With this support, we hope that the Shure brand will be known in Indonesia and because SSR is using these products, each graduate will understand which Shure mic to use for specific applications.’

Continuing, Mr Cahyadi said: ‘The school is so excited, as we have provided a diverse range starting at entry level all the way to the mid-top level products. The additional benefit is that the school doesn’t need to purchase equipment that would have cost thousands.’

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