Manila / Philippines,


Manila, October 2010


GMA-7, a local TV station in the Philippines, has been a Shure user for years particularly for UHF-R Wireless System. The TV station needs a reliable service center for the wireless in case of any wireless break down. 

Client's Needs:

The newly built Studio 4 and Studio 5 demand a robust wireless system that delivers unparalleled RF performance, superior sound quality, and most importantly - reliability. The studios have a seating capacity of 800 and 1000 guests respectively.  The engineers wanted a wireless system that would enable the artist to move around the studio all the way to the audience section without signal degradation. GMA-7 demands 100% reliability that leaves no room for errors for their equipment especially during everyday live shows. 


16 receivers of UHF-R Wireless System were installed in Studio 5, delivering 16 compatible systems. In Studio 4, 10 receivers were installed and delivered 10 compatible systems. Both systems can be combined to 24 channels if the need arises. Any transmitter can be assigned to any studio and it is perfectly done by the remote antennas. The engineers can set up the wireless configurations in less than 30 minutes and can reconfigure one in almost an instant.


GMA-7 were highly satisfied with Audiophile’s installation. “For over 17 years of my service, only Shure wireless microphone impresses me. Shure has excellent performance in terms of audio quality, durability and reliability on RF transmission. We started with L4 series, later upgrading to U series. And now, we have equipped the 2 new studios with 26 channels of UHF-R that surpasses our expectations.” Remarked Ruel Majano, the Audio Operations Supervisor Engineer of GMA-7.

Audio System Engineer John Eric H. Guba said, “I’ve been working here for a long time and as far as I can remember we only use Shure and nothing else. Shure has become synonymous to wireless and became a generic trademark here in GMA-7.”

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