Seoul / South Korea,

Family Mart

Seoul, July 2008


Family Mart, one of the largest convenience store chains in Korea, planned to upgrade its audio systems in the main conference room and hall in their headquarters because of aging of their old audio systems. 

Client needs:

For the main conference room, the client asked for the small sized and sophisticated microphone which is to be fit with their noble conference room. With the old audio system, they had a serious feedback problem in the conference room. So they wanted the new audio systems to minimize or get rid of the feedback problem completely.


There is the rectangle-shaped table in the middle of the main conference room typically and each seat has been required the microphone. 23 MX392/C boundary microphones which offer high quality sound and superior sensitivity are put on the table. A feedback might occur in this conference room because the microphones have been located close by the wall speakers. To prevent the feedback sound, DFR22s are inserted in the audio chain. Adaptive notch filters of DFR22 which can discriminate between feedback and non-feedback sounds works very well and have completely solved the feedback problems without any sound troubles. They have a quite small control room for the audio systems next to the conference room, so SCM810E is preferred because it is only 1U sized and can remotely and completely control the microphones. In the main hall, MX418D/C gooseneck microphones are used because of its good-looking and desktop base style. SLX wireless systems are used for user’s convenience.


Family Mart is satisfied with its new audio systems.

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