Shanghai / China,

Exposition in Shanghai

Shanghai, May 2010


In May 2010, a world-renowned international exposition is set to take place in Shanghai. Among the suppliers of essential audio systems, Shure will provide system and technical support to numerous of the exposition’s pavilions, conference rooms and mobile performance areas.

During the exposition, more than 20 pavilions will be equipped with Shure SLX24/SM58 wireless microphone systems, and many of the major performance events will use high-end UHF-R wireless microphone systems. Based on current expectations, there will be more than 200 channels of Shure’s UR4D diversity receivers, more than 100 channels of UR1 wireless bodypack transmitters, more than 80 channels of UR2/Beta58 microphone systems, more than 90 channels of UR2/Beta87A microphone systems and more than 30 channels using UA845-SWB-C active antenna splitters.

In addition to these wireless microphones system, Shure will also provide PSM600 Personal Monitoring Systems, comprising a minimum of 20 receivers and 60 transmitters for events in the surrounding pavilions to ensure smooth running of the performances.

In order to best reproduce the voice of the performers, Shure provides no fewer than 100 Beta91, Beta52A, Beta98D/S, Beta57A, SM58LC and SM81-LC microphones for sound capture during the performances. Moreover, Shure will also provide many MX412/C and MX418/C conference microphones, as well as substantial numbers of SM44/SL, KSM32/SL, KSM141/SL professional recording microphones for various of the pavilions and conference rooms.

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