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Shure Axient® Wireless Supports Critically Acclaimed Stage Play in Beijing

A perfect complement to “The End of Love Generation”

Beijing, January 2013 - The performance of the new-media stage play “The End of Love Generation" has recently won great acclaim in Beijing, China. The play was directed by renowned director Joe Lau and starred in by well-known actress Cecilia Yip, and supported by a stellar cast including Tan Kai, Angel Tong and singer Li Xiaoyun, as well as Yu Mingxuan, at Beijing’s Century Theatre. The play featured a combination of multimedia elements and traditional theatrical methods to allow the audience to become part of the performance cast, thus enjoying the new audio-visual experience at close quarters. Shure Axient® Wireless Management Network, used for the first time in a stage play in China, also gave an extraordinary “performance". Its consistent and outstanding sound quality perfectly complemented the play.

The Century Theatre is remarkable for its unique architectural style which incorporates the aesthetic views of both Chinese and Japanese architects. It has a seating capacity of 1,713 and is ideal for high-end stage performances such as theatrical plays, ballet, symphonic orchestra and entertainment shows. For the success of “The End of Love Generation", Shure deployed a 13-channel Axient wireless system featuring an AXT400 dual-channel receiver, an AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager and AXT200 handheld frequency diversity transmitter. Two channels of UHF-R® Wireless were also used during the play. All systems were monitored by Shure’s Wireless Workbench 6 software.

“The End of Love Generation” is a melodramatic play which is inspired by Qiong Yao’s romantic novels and portrays the complexities of relationships between two generations. As such, it demanded high sound quality. "The actors were required every now and then to raise their voices during conversation, or speak in whispering tones – as it would be between two people deeply in love – or even speak out their inner struggles through soliloquies," said director Liu. "We hoped that the actors’ emotions would be clearly and accurately transmitted through the microphone, so that the audience could feel as if they were intimately involved as ‘insiders’.” Based on the director's request as well as past experience in using Shure products, technical director Born Yuen opted to use Shure’s latest Axient wireless system. It was the first time Axient was used in a theatrical play in Asia.

“During a play the audience does not want to miss even one word in the dialogues between the actors. We had to ensure that sound transmission was uninterrupted, without any unwanted interference. To this end the Axient receiver was equipped with highly sensitive interference detection circuits so that it would sound an alarm whenever its signal was being interfered with.

The sound engineer would be able to choose to manually or automatically switch to a clear and interference-free compatible frequency. For the play we selected the automatic mode. It greatly eased our workload and also ensured that the performance ran smoothly.” Yuen was impressed by Axient’s Interference Detection and Avoidance feature. In his view, the system’s spectrum management via its Wireless Workbench 6 software and its Frequency Diversity capability played a critical role in the successful performance.

Also the ShowLink® Remote Control enables real-time remote adjustments of all transmitter parameters by using a wireless network connection between linked Axient transmitters and receivers. The sound engineers could make crucial changes to their transmitter settings even at their control booth when several performers were on stage.

Axient wireless has already been used in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the London Games, Chicago’s ABC broadcast network, the Opening Ceremony of the Super Bowl, country star Kenny Chesney’s tour and the 2012 International Auto Show. The success of “The End of Love Generation" is no doubt yet another testament to Axient’s incredible performance.

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