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E&E brings Shure to The Drama Centre

Singapore, August 2012 - As part of a recent retrofit and upgrade, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd has equipped The Drama Centre’s 615-seat theatre with inventory from Shure. The centre is managed by The Esplanade Co Ltd in partnership with the National Arts Council, and is located in the National Library building along Victoria Street in Singapore.

In addition to the main proscenium theatre, the venue boasts a 120-seat black box, a VIP lounge and various function rooms which accommodate various events such as talks, exhibitions, theatrical presentations and intimate performances.

The new system in question includes 28 channels of Shure wireless receivers. Specifically, 14 of the manufacturer’s flagship UHF-R series of wireless microphones paired with UR4D+ new dual channel receivers were installed.

To facilitate maximum flexibility, E&E also supplied 28 Shure UR2 handheld transmitters with SM58 or KSM9 heads, in addittion to a total of 30 units of the manufacturer’s UR1M miniature bodypack transmitters with countryman ear sets. Also included in the package are the new UR3 plug-in transmitters for use with handheld microphones.

Robin Shuttleworth, Technical Manager (Sound), The Esplanade Co Ltd stated that he invested in Shure’s UHF-R systems for their ‘reliability and networking capability which greatly enhances the ability to quickly coordinate all frequencies and implement them throughout the receivers and transmitters.’

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