Wenzhou / China,

Shure Withstands Challenging Conditions at Chinese Dragon Boat Festivals

Axient Wireless System Delivers Vivid Ambient Sound Along 600m Racetrack And In The Face of Heavy Rain

Wenzhou, June 2015 - Believed to have originated in Southern China over 2000 years ago, dragon boat competitions have emerged as a popular international watersport in modern times with paddling races now being hosted in many countries around the globe. Especially in China, over the years dragon boating has held three major records compared to any other national competition – it is the most prestigious sport, the most competitive, and also offers the biggest prizes for the winners. As such, dragon boat festivals require top-of-the-line audio equipment to support their events.

The annual China Dragon Boat Championships took place from May to June this year and comprised competitions at 8 racetracks across the nation. With the highest number of teams and participants ever, the festivities reached their peak at the fifth racetrack in Wenzhou, where the races were held on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival on June 20, 2015. To guarantee a successful event, the organizers turned to the Shure Axient Wireless System to provide a vivid and rich audio background for the whole program.

Twelve Axient Bodypack Transmitters coupled with MX150 Microflex Omni-Directional Microphones were put on the tails of the competing dragon boats to capture the sound of thundering drums, splashing water, and powerful yelling of teams. Highest audio quality played an important role when the equipment was initially selected, but during the competition the system was also tested for its stability and safety as it was exposed to intense rain on the race day. To withstand the unruly weather, the dedicated Shure engineer who supported the event on-site waterproofed the bodypack transmitters, and with this added protection the pouring rain only remained a challenge for the paddling teams.

Ensuring that the wireless transmissions from the Axient bodypacks could cover the entire 600m long and 100m wide racetrack, the sound team set up an antenna system along the track. Using a combination of UA874 Active Directional Antennas and HA8089 Helical Antennas, the antennas were spread out along the river bank to capture the RF signals.

With the continuous passion of the Chinese people for traditional festivals and competitions, this year’s dragon boat races at Wenzhou were once again an exciting event for everyone involved, and also add to the large number of international, major sports events which have successfully relied on Shure for innovative and failsafe audio solutions.

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