Daegu / South Korea,

ULX-D® Takes Center Stage at the Emblematic Daegu Opera House

Daegu, July 2013 - Daegu Opera House is located in the celebrated center of Daegu City in South Korea, and it first opened its door in August 2003. The exclusive house has become the symbol of Daegu City’s art and culture by hosting Asia’s biggest opera festival, the “Daegu International Opera Festival” for the past 10 years.

Daegu Opera House is a premiere performance hub and theater with four floors above ground and two basement levels. The building is shaped like a grand piano with an impressive curved glass façade, which reflects the dynamic and graceful architectural aesthetics inside. The horseshoe-shaped interior of the auditorium has a seating capacity of 1,490 and provides optimal acoustics for opera performances and live music. The stage, with an area of 1,485 square meters, has four stage transport platforms. The orchestra pit accommodates up to 110 musicians and the front section of the pit can be raised to stage level to increase the performance space.

Daegu Opera House conducts a variety of shows ranging from music and ballet, to large-scale orchestra. With all these needs in mind, Daegu Opera House’s head engineer, Mr. Jee Jang-Hwan, required a wireless system to cover all the different performances. Mr. Jee, who had previously used and trusted the world-class quality and stability of Shure ULX® Professional Wireless System, chose Shure’s new ULX-D® Digital Wireless System. Consequently, Mr. Jee upgraded the venue’s existing wireless systems from a different manufacturer to ULX-D, including (10) ULXD2/Beta87A handheld and (16) ULXD1 bodypack transmitters, and (10) ULXD4D dual channel receivers installed in the main control room.

“I’ve been using ULX-D for five months and I am experiencing no frequency interference issues, and I have sufficient channel count in 1 frequency band. With RF output power set at 10mW and antenna gain set at +6dB, ULX-D supports me with the number of channels required by each show, without any interruptions.”

Mr. Jee also praised ULX-D’s battery management system; “ULX-D’s SB900 rechargeable batteries provide much longer run time than 2 AA alkaline batteries and help me save costs—it really impressed me. Once I charge the batteries fully, I can use them from rehearsal to the end of the show.”

In addition, Mr. Jee commented on ULX-D’s sync function and transmitter power switch. “The sync function is very reliable and fast. When time is tight before a show, I can trust its reliability and can save time on linking transmitters to receivers. Before using ULX-D I had experienced some situations where the power button on the transmitter was turned off accidentally by the performers during the show. Now I can say that ULX-D’s power switch is very stable and easy to use. “

In addition to advanced rechargeability and extremely efficient RF performance, ULX-D also offers High Density mode for high channel-count applications, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encrypted signal for uncompromising security, and Dante™ digital networking for multi-channel audio over Ethernet. This collective suite of features ensures that ULX-D is the perfect scalable solution to address not only today’s challenges, but also your future wireless needs.

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