Tauranga / New Zealand,

City Church Tauranga modernises their audio system with Shure ULX-D®

Tauranga, March 2013 - City Church Tauranga in New Zealand planned to undertake a large modernisation project which was to be completed in multiple stages. Completed in 2013 the main auditorium was modernized and the brief given to Now Sound was to upgrade to an audio system that would provide great coverage, clarity and volume suitable for a youthful and modern church. The buildings main auditorium seats up to 650 people at capacity.

The audio system needed to cater equally high quality to both speech and music performance. Jene Hamahona, Creative Art Director and Facilities Manager at City Church Tauranga, stated "sound quality is very important to a modern house-of-worship” continuing "every service we have a full ensemble band with a rock sound that requires clarity and responsiveness, multiple speakers who need to be heard clearly and distinctively, and multi-media audio demands.”

City Church Tauranga also needed to bolster their wireless microphone supplies to cater for lead vocals, backing vocals and a headset for the pastor. The microphones require great sound quality with frequencies that would be flexible and compatible with the new and pending law changes in this area. Shure ULX-D® wireless system was perfect for the task with the ability to perform frequency scans, use many channels in a small bandwidth and with Shure’s interchangeable capsules providing the church with a high level of flexibility and sound quality.

City Church Tauranga settled on 6 channels of ULX-D® with one BETA87A for lead vocals, 4 x BETA58A’s for the backing vocals and 1 x ULXD1 with a MX153 as the pastors headset. In addition to this, they also invested in the rechargeable batteries and 3 x SBC200 dual chargers which allow the transmitters to be docked directly into them without the hassle of removing the batteries.

The installation process went smoothly. Jene stated, "it only took two days to get the old system down and the new system up and running, which was great when you need to have the system ready for Sunday!” Daniel Larsen, Now Sound’s Technical Sales Support, commissioned the installed system and ensured the Church was completely satisfied. The local audio install company, Triac Industries, now also provides on-going support to the church.

Jene added, "The system has been in for about three-months now and we are very happy with the results. There have been consistent comments from people in the congregation noting how clear and even the sound is now. Our sound engineers LOVE it!”

“The coverage is outstanding; the clarity in the seats right at the outer edges of the auditorium is crystal clear” said Joel Van Ameringen, City Church Tauranga Representative.

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