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Shure Wireless Microphones Shine in 2013 Chinese Idol

Axient® and UHF-R® Systems deliver perfect sound

Shanghai, November 2013 - Chinese Idol is a singing competition program and successful reality television program. Jointly presented by Dragon TV and the producer of American Idol, it is hosted by four megastars namely Coco Lee, Han Hong, Huang Xiaoming and Wang Weizhong. The success of this program relies on quality wireless sound for the judges, audience and viewers at home. Shanghai Loud Noise Cultural Communication Co. Ltd chose to adopt Shure Axient® Wireless Management Network and UHF-R® Wireless microphone wireless systems to meet this extraordinarily high demand and achieve the perfect sound.

Mr. An Dong is an accomplished musician and music director of Chinese Idol. He said the Shure wireless microphone systems “performed exceptionally well throughout the competition, delivering clear and natural sound, and thus was able to show each contestants real voice“.

“The program is presented from an indoor stage environment which has very high demands for the wireless systems' stability, reliability and sound quality. Given our past success with Shure wireless systems, there was no doubt that we would continue to opt for Shure for the program,” said Zhang Lei of Shanghai Loud Noise Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. He added: “At the beginning of the competition and during its middle stages we used the UHF-R® system but the Grand Final was broadcast live. To ensure that the Grand Final could proceed without interruption we also added the Axient® wireless system for the celebrity hosts, both Shure products performed above our expectations.”

During the Grand Final of Chinese Idol, a combination of Axient® and UHF-R® systems from Shure was deployed as the wireless sound solution. It involved the use of 16 channels of UHF-R® systems and 4 channels of Axient® wireless systems. Each of the celebrity hosts used the AXT200 Axient Handheld Frequency Diversity Transmitter with KSM9 and BETA 58 microphone cartridges which matches their respective voice character. Shure wired microphones such as SM57 and SM58® were also used across all live performances for instruments and backing vocals.

UHF-R® wireless systems possess powerful RF performance and high reliability. Advanced Track Tuning Filtering Technology, by shifting the RF filter along with the selected frequency, allows it to deploy this added bandwidth without audio degradation or interference. All UHF-R® components – including even the small perspiration-proof body pack transmitter have been meticulously designed to enable them to withstand high-levels of performance.

Axient® is capable of continuous frequency scanning via the Spectrum Manager which means the Axient® receiver can detect potential problems. It is also able to continuously maintain a back-up frequency list to provide clear and compatible frequency whenever the situation requires. The Grand Final was broadcast live for more than two hours and demanded absolutely no error throughout. The unique frequency diversity feature allows Axient® to manually or automatically perform the seamless switch to a clean frequency before the interfered signal is recognized.

An additional advantage to Shure Axient® and UHF-R® wireless systems is the ease of management through the Wireless Workbench® 6 software, thus ensuring smooth progress of the live broadcast. WWB6 features an enhanced graphic user interface tailored to support advanced RF spectrum plotting, comprehensive frequency coordination, and live performance monitoring. Axient® can also change the transmitter parameters automatically via the WWB6 Software. Therefore, every aspect of the live performance can be managed online, from pre-performance planning to monitor and control during the live performance.

“Shure is the equipment that I use most during live performances,” said Shao Yong, the FOH sound engineer. "I have used Shure wired microphones and wireless systems such as UHF-R®, Beta 58 and SM58®, etc. in many live shows. Not surprisingly, the Axient® wireless system that we used during the live program demonstrated stability with high level of sound quality. “


Note: The Shure AXIENT® wireless system is sold and marketed in Japan under the product name AXT.

The Chinese Idol competition began in May 2013, culminating in the Grand Final at the end of August. Its aim was to discover talented musicians and artistes who dared to dream big. Throughout the competition Shure has been able to demonstrate its strength and unparalleled reliability with its stable performance and perfect sound.

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