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Shure Axient® Wireless Rocks at Beijing Midi Music Festival

Beijing, May 2013 - From April 29 to May 1, 2013, the popular Midi Music Festival held its 20th anniversary performance in Beijing, China, and the revolutionary Shure Axient was chosen to play a key role in the event’s audio ecosystem. This was the first time for Axient to show off its capabilities onstage at one of China’s largest music festivals, and it delivered an amazing rock and roll festival.

The Axient Wireless Management Network from Shure establishes a remarkable new standard for control, convenience and confidence in radio frequency transmission, reception and frequency spectrum management. Axient incorporates world-class, ground-breaking technologies suitable for the most challenging wireless applications, with zero tolerance for failure. Axient’s innovative features provide an integrated solution to radio frequency management and control in a single wireless platform.

Large-scale outdoor music festivals take place within very complex radio frequency environments. System design, frequency coordination and deployment leave no room for error. Consequently, audio technicians usually regard the use of wireless microphones as risky. The Chief Sound Engineer and Audio Production Director of the Midi Music Festival, Jack Guo, stated that the festival’s environment was subject to various uncontrollable factors. According to Mr. Guo, one of the most significant environmental factors and the greatest impact on wireless transmission was the large crowd, which could easily interfere with the wireless signal. “At previous music festivals we made less use of wireless devices so as to guarantee a reliable signal.” However to guarantee the success of the Midi Festival performances, Mr. Guo chose Axient due to the Frequency Diversity and Interference Detection and Avoidance features.

Frequency Diversity enables audio signals from a single source to be transmitted on two separate radio frequencies. When Frequency Diversity mode is activated, the AXT200 Handheld Transmitter sends two frequencies with the same audio content simultaneously to the AXT400 Dual Channel Receiver. This dual transmission provides optimal audio output and avoids the annoying signal dropouts that occur when interference is present in one of the channels. Thus, Frequency Diversity provides the most important performances with absolute security and protection against interference and guarantees uninterrupted audio transmission.

Moreover, Axient’s Interference Detection and Avoidance alerts the user in the event of radio frequency interference, allowing the system to switch over to an interference-free compatible frequency in milliseconds, while providing audiences with uninterrupted high quality performance from beginning to end. In the event of signal attenuation, the onsite audio technician can use Axient’s interference avoidance technology to manually or automatically switch over to an interference-free compatible frequency. Meanwhile the AXT600 Spectrum Manager continuously analyzes the quality of all in-use frequencies. Back-up frequencies are also constantly monitored, ranked and deployed the instant interference is detected, if automatic mode is selected.

As for Axient’s onsite performance, Mr. Guo confirmed, “Our audio teams were very satisfied with Shure’s advanced Axient wireless system. It was evident that no dropouts or audio interruption occurred for the duration of the three-day festival. In addition, I personally feel that the rechargeable batteries have a very good design. Not only are they convenient to monitor, but they are also better for the environment.”

Prior to the Midi Music Festival, Axient was successfully implemented in various large-scale performances and events including the Grammy Awards ceremonies, ABC television in Chicago, the Super Bowl opening ceremonies, the tour of country music star Kenny Chesney, NBA pre-game performances, the well-known Calgary Stampede in Canada, the world tour of Bruce Springsteen and the Jakarta International Java Jazz festival. Axient’s stellar performance at the Midi Music Festival is undoubtedly another great testament to the superior performance of Axient.

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