"An independent release from idealistic rock fanatics…" is the band’s quote, yet this line does little to illustrate the tremendous versatility and power behind the popular rising stars from Singapore, TKB. Drawing from many different influences, TKB successfully masters not only head-banging heavy but also dark and emotional ballads. And Shure is TKB’s gear of choice, on the stage and in the studio.

The four integral members of the group all bring a unique talent and background to the table, which help create the raw power and creative, soulful melodies that have fueled TKB’s success. From the punk roots of electric guitarist Derrick, to the dynamism and agility of bass guitarist Kenny, to Claire’s booming, energetic vocals and Matt’s heart-pounding drums, the four member band never cease to surprise and exhilarate. TKB agrees that Shure means something different to each of them. When asked which Shure products the band likes best, each member had a different take.

The lead vocal Nicole claims, “As the front 'woman' of TKB, Beta 58A is what I truly want for optimum stage performances, and going wireless will further my stage presence... I would be eager to test out and try Shure's recording microphones, too.…”

Bassist Kenny adds, “I would love to own the SLX14 (Instrument Wireless System) for my bass on stage and SLX24/Beta58 (Handheld Wireless System). Wireless systems definitely ease the hassle of tripping and don’t limit me during live shows. Apart from that, I’m sure Shure is always behind the latest technology, with the best workmanship and quality in the market.”

“It would have to be the SM57 for me,” responds the drummer, Matt. “You can slam an SM57 on just about anything! Snare, toms, and even kick! They are also indestructible! Haha. I've dropped them, spilt beer on them—but they still sound brand new! Love them. I've also heard AWESOME things about the PGX24 wireless mic system.”

And Derrick weighs in, “It would be the SLX14 guitar wireless system. The compact transmitter doesn't weigh my heavy Les Pauls during performances, which allows me to 'dance' with my guitar with ease during TKB's intensive guitar solos!”

The band has recently collaborated with a talented violinist Claire. She comments that, “I recall the band rehearsal studio had an arsenal of different brands of mics…and a smashed up Shure SM58, too. Yet it still functioned great despite appearing all battered and having seen better days. That was my very first moment with a Shure product. I have been using [the SM58] until I purchased a Beta 58A in 2010, which was duly recommended by a popular music shop in Singapore, Swee Lee Music Co.”

With a second single release on the way titled “失去的感觉” and a slew of live events including the Taipei, Taiwan Hohaiyan GongLiao Rock Festival2012, the Sony Music "Like Performing Like Sony" tour on the Esplanade Waterfront "我和春天有个约会”, Jam for Japan 2011, appearing on AXN's Sony Lifestyle and the Ockto channel, and webcam live performances like SPaceCares 24hr Webcam Live Acoustic, not only is the band keeping busy, but so is TKB FOH engineer Simon.

Fortunately, Simon relies on Shure gig after gig and night after night, “As TKB FOH engineer, I’m responsible for the selection of the microphone. Over the past 10 years of my career, I've engineered many international and local bands, in musical theatre as well. I've always tried to push the limit to achieve a distinct result, and Shure has always been my microphone of choice; it has never failed to achieve my expectations.” When asked about the biggest challenge in selecting the right mic, Simon adds, “I’ve used many brands of microphones. The biggest challenge I would say is finding the service support. Quality is the next vitally important consideration to the band, and with Shure’s support I never have to worry about performing my job well.”

On top of a busy touring schedule, the band still has time for creative, top-notch collaborations with artists like Patrick Ang. And no matter what new undertakings are next on TKB’s radar, one thing is certain—Shure will be onstage and in the studio to help TKB sound their best.

And in the words of TKB, “rock is an understatement.”



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