Super VC

The SuperVC is an indie rock band in China. After releasing their 3rd album, their rock music has become popular and started to receive a number of music awards. They are also trend setters with their unique fashion style. SuperVC has become a cultural symbol and is reaching out to more rock music fans in China.

Like most bands, the focus of SuperVC rests on the quality of vocals. “Since we were still young and started to love rock music, we could see many of our favorite foreign bands using Shure products on their MTVs.” The guys then got together to develop their own band history, “I remember when my tuning teacher put the SM58 on my mic stand, he said ‘if you want security, use this’.” After that performance, the band received compliments from their friends claiming that the back-up vocals could be finally heard.

Since then, they have had great impression on the Shure mic. From the first touch of the stage to their first album production, or from the live house performance to the thousands-seats coliseum, they have had the Shure’s partnership for over ten years.

“The first feeling on Shure mics is that they create an exceptional depth on the sense of space, and always capture a rich, full bottom for punchy bass applications. They just let us sing on what we are most comfortable with.” Continue to recall, “We are then impressed by the nearly perfect recording for acoustic guitar and the terrific vocals being captured by the Shure mics during the first album recording.” SuperVC emphasizes that Shure has been their first and the only choice for in-home recording too.

Live band worries mostly about the stage monitoring which deeply affects the mood and quality of performance. SuperVC is happy that they have solution on the problem. “Every time when the tunning expert helps us put on the Shure wireless monitors, we are relieved. It is because all vocals on the stage are secured.”

Shure is legendary for both the live performance and professional retouch for over 100 years. Every member of the SuperVC also has their own beloved Shure partners.

Liu Tao: UR4D with UR1. I can get rid of the antenna, carry the guitar to run and play right in front of the audience without any worries nor any sacrifice on the quality of sound.

Yang Lin: Shure Beta microphones are the unique choice for both recording and live performance. All professional singers, producers and tuners familiarize with and trust in Shure.

Sun Lingsheng: UR2/KSM9 is my favorite. Although wireless, they provide extraordinary capability of frequency transmission as good as those with wire. But most of all, its charming design is too good to resist.

Zhan Yang: UR4D with UR1. I am the one who cannot be besieged by the stage. I am always eager to run to my audience for the closest touch. UR1 allows me to feel just like the fish in water.


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