The Hilltop Hoods

The Hilltop Hoods are perhaps best known for their live shows and after hundreds of performances across the nation the band's reputation has grown upon the strength of these gigs.

Adelaide’s finest musical exports are firmly established as the torchbearers for the Australian hip hop scene. Comprising of MC Suffa, Pressure and DJ Debris, the band combines warm, jazz and funk-tinged beats with powerful and witty rhymes.

Having always been fans of Shure products, MC Suffa and Pressure were excited to receive their new Shure wireless microphone systems with Beta87 capsules.

“We’ve just used them at the Splendour in the Grass festival and they were great!” exclaimed DJ Debris. “We had a lot of friends in the crowd who reported that our vocals were really clear and they could understand everything that was said. We found that the Beta87 capsules gave us a clearer top end, not so muffled, and it seems to suit our voices a lot better. The transmitters seemed to handle the loud levels well without feedback.”

Choice of microphone is extremely important for a band that spends a lot of time rapping; there’s a lot more dialogue to be understood by the crowd and so they need a very comprehensible microphone to translate it.

“As the Shure Beta87 capsule has the mesh on the top flattened off, you can get your mouth closer to the capsule itself so the words get captured a lot more clearly,” added DJ Debris.

Rapping and stage strutting go hand in hand and since switching to the Wireless Microphone Systems, Pressure and Suffa have been able to deliver a much more dynamic show to their audience. Now they can cover the stage without fear of tripping over microphone leads.

As the band is hip hop they just have the DJ mixer output and the three microphones with the vocals compressed on stage.

“Everything is calibrated, turn the faders up to zero and everything is mixed perfectly,” explained DJ Debris. “All the signals are processed on stage with all the instrumentals mastered.”

DJ Debris has also been using the Shure Phono Cartridge and DJ Needle citing it as the recognised worldwide leader in high-performance cartridges.


What The Hilltop Hoods uses

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